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Children in need

Is anyone else surprised & a little disgusted by the news that Terry Wogan gets paid ??1,300 a hour yes a HOUR!! for doing children in need i think its disgusting why not give that money to children in need? His quote was "I've never asked for a fee and would quite happily do it for nothing."
Well why doesn't he???!!!!


  • Yeah you'd think he wouldnt need the cash

    oooh Boyzone reminds me of my younger days lol
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BOYZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so booking tickets for the tour next year!!!!!!!!!! im so overexcited i need to calm down...... imageimageimage lol need to find someone willing to go with me...... hmm....!!! xx
  • i cant belive he gets paid for doing it i thought they all did it volantry,ud think he would say add it to the total or sumin im sure he isnt short of cash


  • silly me! i always thought they all did it for charity and donated their fee tight b***ard
    u wld think he had more than enough bloody money.
    boyzone were fab! i wonder wat band will reform next? s club, or maybe five, that wld be good image xx
  • five are getting back together i saw them about 6mths ago on telly saying they are going to come bk in the near future mabie there waiting till next yrs children in need lol, xx


  • Why do they still have boring ol' Terry presenting it anyway? Lets get some new, good-lookin hot talent on, thats what I think! (Someone who's not greedy!)
  • I personally think its disgusting that celebrities take a fee for doing a charity event. Even if they dont ask for it there is nothing to stop them refusing it. ??1,300 an hour is an obscene amount of money to be paid for doing a charity show & it certainly makes me wonder how much of the money that is donated to charities get to the people who really need it.

    I'm nowhere near as well off as Terry Wogan & I would never ask a charity for money for doing something for them. I hope he (& any other celebrity doing the same) feels ashamed when they see the names of all the children going across the bottom of the screen who have donated their pocket money or birthday money.

    Hilary x
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