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Hiya all and congratulations on all of your pregnancys, I hope your all doing well.
I need abit of advice on something... Yesterday i took a test as my period was 9 days late and my breasts were really sore as i thought it came back positive. Ive rang the doctors and ive to take a urine sample in on monday for them to send to the hospital to confirm pregnancy, Now comes the bit where i need the help! Last month i thought i could of been pregnant as period was 2 days late i took 2 tests both of which came back very very faint but then my period came and i forgot all about it, until now. Is there anyway i could of been pregnant when i got the faint line last month and still of had a period? Im so worried about being pregnant again as ive already had 2 miscarriages in the last 12 months (1st last nov and then may this year) Is there anyway i could get in for an early scan do you think? I couldnt cope with losing another baby, its absoloutly devastating both the physical and emotional pain is too much to bare.

Mikayla x


  • I wouldn't like to say anything for certain, but i do know a few people who have had periods up to the first 3months of pregnancy, and have continued to have perfectly normal pregnacies. If you're at all worried, i would ask on monday about having an early scan, especially since you've got a history of miscarriages, im certain they would. I had an early scan at 6wks because they were worried about the baby. Usually if there's any concern, they'll have no problem in sending you for an early scan.
  • Thank you, as soon as they have confirmed the pregnancy im going to make an appointment with the midwife/doctor and ask to go to the epau
  • when i found out i was pregnant, the test showed an extremely faint line, and i didn't believe i was pregnant. but my husband looked on the instruction leaflet which said "if there is a line, no matter how faint, it is a positive result". but i still wouldn't believe it, so went out and bought a clear blue digital test! expensive yes, but very worth getting as it spelled it out for me - pregnant! so perhaps it's worth trying?
  • Hiya linziMc, i know i am pregnant now the test i did yesterday was as positive as positive can get it was just the tests last month that was very faint but then i had a period. Just need to wait for doctors to confirm it now!
  • hey it may have been an implantation bleed you had last month. this is usually a bit lighter and shorter than your normal period although some people dont notice the difference. i bet if u asked them for a scan u would get one, expecially as u gave had two mc previous.
    goodluck and hope you get tohave a scan! id love to have another one, 2 isnt enough!!!

  • Thank you for all your replys, I will let you know how i get on and hopefully manage to get an early scan xx
  • if you have to wait to get a scan you can always ask your doc to test your hcg (or is it hgc?) levels. It's just a blood test and your levels can give an indication of how far on you are if you are pg. i got mine tested a couple of times to see how things were progressing because i've had two mc's and my pg support unit dont like to scan before 8 weeks.

    Good luck!
  • Just another quick question! If i do manage to get the doctor/midwife to refer me for an early scan will i still get the 12 week scan aswell?
  • You will still get your 12 week scan. I had a scan at 7 weeks for bleeding and all I could see was a sac with a heart beat, and everything was fine. At my 12 week scan it had transformed into a tiny baby (thats my 12 week scan photo on this post)

    Good luck
  • Hiya,
    Yep, i've had 3 early scans with this one and i've got my 12 week tomorrow! I had an implantation bleed too so its possible that's what you had. BTW, you can refer yourself to the EPU if your doctor won't.

    Let us know how you get on x
  • Thank you for your replys! How do i refer myself if doctors wont? Got to make an appointment tommorow with midwife so hopefully wont have to wait to long for that!
  • did you attend any kind of pregnancy support/early pregnancy centre unit when you had mc previously? I had two mc this year so when I found out i was pg again i just phoned them up directly to make appt for early scan. My unit wont scan earlier than 8 weeks though unless there's bleeding etc so I had tests done each week to test my hcg levels. They wouldnt test me at 6 weeks because there's no guarantee you can see heartbeat then (although, from reading on here, lots of other places do). To be honest, I was happy having my blood tests instead, if i'd had a scan at 6 weeks with no heartbeat it would have killed me as you then have to wait a week for another scan.

    Good luck with it all.
  • Just call the hospital, they should see you pretty much straight away. Explain that you've had previous mcs and you are confused as to your dates and they should see you. I referred myself previously and i know other on here have. Good luck x
  • I got my early scan at my local Early Pregnancy Suport Unit and they were great. I had no previous MC but they saw me that day because of my bleed.

    There should be a unit in your local maternity hospital, give them a phone and they might fit you in for a scan.

    Good luck

  • Been docs today with the sample, but missed the time for when they send the samples off now so got to wait till wednesday for them to confirm pregnancy and can then make an appointment with midwife!
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