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Bath Rings?


My LO is 5 months and weighs 18 pounds I did have one of those plastic bath supports but he is getting a bit to big for it.

Has anyone tried those bath rings they sit in?? they look like they might be good but wanted to see if anyone has experienced them?



  • we have one from tescos, is pretty good, lo likes it & loves having a kick around int he bath & licking bubbles off the plastic of the chair too!!!
  • my lo has one, he is quite timid in the bath and never really liked it (he loves swimming tho so its not water he don't like???) and it has given him loads more confidence. he will sit and play in bath when in his ring. he is 15 months now and still uses it.

    i think they are supposed to be able to sit up to use it but not sure??
  • I used a bath seat with both my youngest (now 3 & 1), they both loved it and I found it a big help. I started using it with my daughter before she could sit properly unaided ( but she was strong enough to support herself well with props) as it meant I could bath them together. I folded a towel over the back to pad it out a bit for her and make it more comfy for her to lean on.

    Got mine from Argos, and if I remember rightly it was less than a fiver.
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