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Am I meant to give this to my employer or is it just if they ask for proof of pregnancy? I gave a letter to my manager saying I'm pregnant an d when going on maternity leave, should i have had something back in writing??


  • Not sure if you legally have to but I have both times
  • you give them a copy, the nhs will only give you one so keep the original for yourself x
  • when do you get this form then ? i havent got one yet
  • You do need to give a copy to your employer. If the company is worth its salt , it will have a maternity policy that you should get your hands on, and should also have someone able to answer all your questions. People can be very woolly about mat policies at work, so make sure you are informed.
  • For Coxley!!!

    The Mat B1 form gets given by your docs after 25 weeks. I am employed by an employment company and was asked for it when I asked for it from the docs they said I am only aloud it at 25 weeks. But at least any perscription I get I dont pay til 2009. It's great thank goodness
  • Legally you need to give this to your employer by 15 weeks before your baby is due, though to be honest I think most of them aren't too strict on this as long as you get it to them. They need it to claim any SMP they pay you back from the government. You dont necessarily need confirmation from your employer in writing, but if they are the kind of company where you would want it, dont feel bad about pushing them for it!
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