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just back from having my scan....

hi girls,

ive had my scan and it was the most amzing thing that ive ever done!
the nurses were all so nice and every thing is normal
im the happyest person alive right now and im due 15th july so only 7 n hlf weeks
she said all is normal and i gotta have nxt scan 21 weeks imageimage


  • congrats bec been waiting to see u pop up thats fantastic well done hunni x x x x x
  • woohooo YAY for you n bump becs its ahuge relief knowing the lo is all fine and great your slightly behind me image i'm 9weeks 2moro but there again some one told me at thuis stage they can onl estimate due to the size. I'm due a scan at 12 weeks waiting for the appt but not come through yet. its a buggar as partner gotta get time off and needs to book asap. did you see the lil blob with the flickering heart beat or was yours clearer? had mine a week ago image my body kinda went limp with relief image mom thought up til then that i was having ectopic bless her. anyways yay for you *does a happy dance*
    debz 8+6
  • fantastic news..!!
  • congratulations bec your 3 days before me!!!

    Glad everything went well

  • Brilliant news, I knew it would be fine! x x x
  • i tried to post my pic up but i cnt but its on my facebook profile if youve got that! i thought it was amazing
  • Fantastic news! Glad all is well with your baba


  • whats your facebook name?
  • btw your profile says 25 of feb hun not july think thats wishful thinking hehehehe i know how eager you are but it wouldn't do bump anygood lol
  • thats wen my baby was due b4 i miscarried
  • ahhh kk sorry image whats your face book name? mines Debbie McKinlay feel free to add me as a friend image off home now so can't see till 2moro can't wait to see your pic. My scan didn't give me a pic image but i should get one at teh next.
  • Hiya bec, so happy for you! I had a scan today too and saw my babys heartbeat it was amazing!! They said im 8 weeks, another scan in 4!!! image xxx
  • its becky wallace my face book! im not having another scan until im 21 weeks thats 13 weeks away
  • which one is you! theres pages of becky wallaces image
  • i have a pink top on and im in manchester network
  • think i added you well i hope its you lol
  • awww thats great bec its great having your first scan isn't it it makes it all seem so real. my scan pic made me cry it was one of the happiest days of my life i am due in may
  • im so excited now! makes it loads more real!
  • So happy for you hun, been waiting to see the news! I cant wait for my scan - so nervous, I am a totaly parnoid preggie person and think will only truely believe it when i see it! Still a few weeks to wait though - its driving me insane!!!

    Just fantastic news xx
  • lol its the best feelin in the world! im so so happy im gunna start buyin little stuff now!
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