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Unconditional love!

I've just been sat watching my lo sleep as he is a bit poorly today with a cold & temp and was just thinking about how amazing being a parent actually is and the unconditional love that comes with it. Before I got pregnant babies really weren't my thing, friends and families babies did nothing for me and if I held them I felt nothing more than an urge to hand them back to mummy as soon as possible in fact everyone was convinced me and my long term partner of 13yrs would never have kids. Even when I fell pregnant although happy I still wasn't a million percent sure it was the right thing as having a career was so important to me. Anyway nothing prepared me for the major change when I finally gave birth in Sept, it was love at first sight and now I can't believe how much I've changed! My career is no longer important at all and would literally do anything for this tiny little person. I must kiss him a billion times a day and don't even care if I go out smelling of baby sick or get dribbles of any description on my clothes. I also view other babies differently now as when I see one I can't stop cooing over them and can talk about them endlessly!! I can't believe I'm the same person as this time last year. Was anyone else the same as this or was it just me?


  • I have to whole heartily agree with everything you have put there loui4, who needs a TV when you can sit and admire the most wonderful thing in the world - your own baby.
  • Youre def not on your own. Reading your post brought a tear to my eye too.

    Hilary x
  • HIya - i was exactly the same, now i dont want to go back to work, am actually thinking about my next baby!
  • Me too! My oh & I had been together for 12 years when we found out I was pregnant - most friends and family had assumed we didn't want children so were really pleased when we told them our news!
    Poppy is 11 weeks old and every day that passes I am amazed by her and the love I feel for her! Strange isn't it?!
  • I totally agree with you all. It is the best thing in the world and i'm actually feeling sick at the thought of going back to work and leaving Summer. Michelle xx
  • I totally agree, it is amazing that a career seemed really important to me last year and this year how it has changed. Would happily give it all up for Eva and just watch her grow and change every day.
    Never thought would turn into a baby bore, as i used to call them, but now could chat endlessly about everything to do with them and spend fortune on baby mags and hours on here as everyone elses stories are now really interesting.
    What a big change such a small person can have is amazing!!
  • BABIES ARE JUST THE MOST WONDERFUL GIFT IN LIFE as far as im concerned!! xxx

    I know what each and every one of you mean...

    Cant wait to have another one!! xx
  • Hi

    loui4 you have described exactly how I felt before and after pregnancy!! I cant believe how much I love Reece. Its also made me realise exactly how much my parents love me! oh, i'm welling up now, soppy thing that i have now become .... Jo xx
  • Hi

    I'm exactly the same. Don't get me wrong, I liked babies but I wasn't maternal. Spencer wasn't planned and I was ensure that I was doing the right thing.
    After the initial shock of having a baby and a couple of weeks trying to get used to the little stranger I am now completely in love with him.

    He's teething and has a sniffly nose and I would do anything to take his discomfort away. The power he has over me is phenomenal, I never thought I could feel like this about anyone or anything.

    I'm glad there are others like me x
  • I agree with you all. I loved my job and couldn't believe that I could swtich off altogether. However when my daughter was born in September I completely switched off and don't even know what the word work means anymore. I just look at her all day. I am not looking forward to to go back to work in June but I suppose I will have to as there are bills to pay.
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