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makes himself retch

I have been told all babies posset, but I'm now convinced that my lo does it to himself sometimes. He likes to suck 2 fingers of right hand. Sometimes he puts his fingers really far in. I think he puts them down his throat. Next thing I know, he's making horrible retching sounds, and up comes white blobby or sloppy milk. Yuk!
Have I got an anorexic baby or is he just playing? I don't know how to stop him. Anyone any ideas?


  • have you tried giving him a dummy or a teathing toy to chew insted?
  • My lo does this sometimes and i always say to her she's anorexic (sorry cannot spell) and that she's doesn't want to go to this fat school for under 5 years they were going on about on telly a few weeks ago lol. I just put it down to her teething.

  • My lo does the same thing, i think they are just experimenting.
    She starts off sucking her fingers and then pushes them in further and further until she retches, she does the same with her comforter.
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