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Worried - Pains!!

Hiya girls, hope your all ok. Yesterday and this morning ive been having slight pains in my belly (not the period like cramps i know you get in early pregnancy) and im worried as have had 2 previous miscarriages. I finally got hold of the early pregnancy unit this morning and they've told me to go in and seem them this afternoon and they'll do an internal and if theres a sonographer there they'll do an early scan if not they'll make me one which is good as im not seeing the midwife till the 10th december and im not sure if 7 or 12 weeks pregnant. Im really scared something is wrong image

Mikayla :cry:


  • hi hun i would think the pains are just ligaments stretching. i had m/c in march then when i fell in june i had pains every day up to 14 wks . now 27/4 and still get them. hope this helps let me know how it goes x x x x
  • Thanx bev, im just getting ready to go now, Wil llet you know when i get back xx
  • good luck mikayla
  • Hiya all, back from the hospital. Everything is fine!!!! Doctor said not to worry about the pains there perfectly normal, they even did a scan and i saw my babys heartbeat! It was amazing! I burst into floods of tears! I feel fantastic now! And they said i was about 8 weeks but couldnt be sure because of size and to make a gp appointment to make sure i get referred for 11 - 13 week scan! Im soooooo happy!!!! Wooohooo! xxx
  • I am, ive never seen anything so amazing!! xx
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