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Flying with baby at bedtime

I live abroad and am due to fly back home with lo for xmas. He's 13 weeks at it will be his first time flying. I'm worried as it's a five hour flight and the airline doesn't have skycots. As we haven't booked a seat for him we're not allowed to use the car seat. Does anyone know if you can take carrycots on board? or any other tips? I can imagine it will be hard to hold him for that length of time. Guess my partner and I can take turns but Angelo's not really one for sleeping on us anyway.
Any advice would be great.xx


  • without a skycout & without booking a seat your only option is to hold him for the flight. They wont allow you to bring your own carry cot as it will take up space you haven't paid for. You may get away with a moses basket on your laps but it would be hit & miss at check in IMO whether they would allow it.

    When I fly with my lo i use a baby bjorn carrier, lo then sleeps against my chest & I don't have to hold on to him so saving a bit of arm ache.
  • hi last time we flew we got to the checkin desk early and asked if the flight wasn't fully booked could they put us by an empty seat and my husband sat there and the baby slept on the seat next to me, you can always ask the flight attendents once you've boarded normally there helpful.
  • I'd use a baby carrier. If you can get an inflatable nursing pillow where you live, I highly recommend one. Deflated, it will fit nicely in your carry on and your baby will probably sleep soundly on it. Boots sells them here, or you can often find them on Ebay.
  • Thanks everyone.Allie that's a great idea about the nursing pillow. I actually have one but didn't think about that. I'll take the baby carrier as well and hope for the best! xx
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