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Could it be implantation???

Morning Girls

Im still confused about my body! My af was due 3 days ago,and it still hasnt arrived!! Ive been having cramps now for almost 1 week like af coming but still nothing. I was gonna buy a test Tuesday but went to loo, and when i wiped there was little bit of watery blood. Sorry if TMI!!! So i didnt bother, but 2 days later and still nothing!! :roll:

Normally i only get cramps when im ov and the day my af comes!! So what could this be???? I was soooooo sure we hadnt done it this month, as thought had missed ov when started TTC!!

Could it be implantation?? How long does it take for this to occur once ov??? Or am i just imaginig things and its coz im a little stressed at work? :roll:


  • Hiya hunny, have you done a test?

  • Do a test hun x x x
  • i agree do a test
  • No i havent yet, as i keep thinking af on its way. But surely if im feeling like this i cant be preg!!! I dont have any symptoms of any kind, other than no period i guess.

    I guess i need to know as im off to oz next thur!!

    Thanks girls, i wasnt sure if i was being silly!! xx
  • POAS - Do the T.E.S.T!!!!!

    Mrs WBxxxxxxxxx
  • Just do a test - it will give you the answer instead of worrying - get down the shoppies!!

  • Def do Test, but do remember some test wont show and you still maybe BFP, I used clear blue first time round and it didnt show positive until i was three months gone, my baby must have been a raving drunk. Heres sending special hope and baby dust your way.
  • Oh thanks!! you made me smile on a very stressful day at work! thanks guys!! I will get a test once i finish work and will let you guys know!!!!! xxx
  • sorry for gate crashing this forum but i had the exact same symptoms baby tigger and got a BFP 3 days after af was due. i had cramps and slight bleeding which mw said was implantation bleeding and i'm now 29+4 with first baby.

    Keep us posted!!

    baby dust to you all Gem x x
  • POAS, POAS, queen woomummy says POAS!!! Goodluck hun xxx kim xxx
  • Thanks ladies!!

    I think i had just got it into head that i didnt get preg this month, as thought i had missed the whole ov. But been bding still. & esp coz i dont feel sick, ill, sore boobs, iron taste etc just didnt think it was poss. Thanks Gem24 you give me hope!! I will do as you all ordered me and POAS!!!!
  • Hi ladies

    If you've not seen my other post i did a test and got a BFP!!!!!!
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