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FAO of Vikki

hey Vikki how you feelin now? i know you were struggling with the idea of a third and that it wasn't what you planned but then you've not really said much about it since so i was wondering how you were coping with the thought of those adoring eyes staring at you lol


  • Hi debs been having probs with broadband and havent been able to get on until now, yeah getting used to the idea now even a little bit excited but still have sudden bursts of panic but everything will work out.
    My hubby and daughter are over the moon so that makes things easier.

    vikki xx
  • Hi Vikki,

    Just wanted to say hello as i noticed on another post you are from Cumbria. I'm from Cumbria too - i live in Penrith.

    I'm married (got married this May) and we are expecting our first baby in April and found out the other week we are having a girl - we are chuffed to bits. My little niece was hoping and praying for a girl (as she only has boy cousins) so it was nice to see her so happy at the news.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi.


  • lol bless thats sooo cute kids say the funniest things

    Vikki glad your geting a lil excited just think you do't have to buy more baby stuff as you already got it image
  • Hi ange
    congrats to you my first was a girl she now five, my little boy is 12 weeks and just found out im 8 weeks pregnant with third. I will have been married 2 years on 10th dec.
    I used to live in penrith when i was younger, my parents owned the castle hotel pub in castle town, where abouts are you from, how old are you if you dont mind me asking.

    vikki xx
  • Hi debs
    if its a boy i will have everyting if its a girl ill have to get few things but not much, as daughter 5 now and gave all girl stuff away. How you feeling today, i just feel tired and a little sick.
    vikki xx
  • tired and bloated lol wishing that the weekend was here so could sit with fetet up rather than sit on an uncomfy stool. I know you can't put feet up wit 2 lil ones but at least you know what its like my mom keeps sayin when i was pregnant i didn't..... i'm thinking but i'm not you you didn't have the health issues i have suffered...(i have lower back pain and severe asthma plus ibs and sciatica lol plus i struggle to stay awake....) she was 17 when she had her 1st and was thin and healthy i'm the opposite fat and unhealthy hoping to be able to afford to go swimming soon tho lol
  • Hi Vikki

    No i dont mind you asking... I live in Penrith now (used to live in Greystoke) and I turned 30 in August. Used to go to Ullswater School. What about you? Whats it like living in Carlisle?

    Congratulations on your pregnancy by the way. Have you come round to the idea now?

  • Hi debs
    things will get better for few weeks then the bigger you get the worse it gets lol, my son was 10lb on the nose and i looked like the back end of a bus from 26 weeks and found it difficult to do anything. How many have you got or is this for first? swimming is great when preg as takes all your weight and you feel really energised after youve been.
    vikki. xx
  • Hi ange
    i am 27 and went to ullswater high also, but only went there for 2 yrs as my parents moved back over this way. yeah i like living in carlisle but i would rather be back in the country as i grew up on a farm and it was great and id love my kids to experience counry life.
    vikki xx
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