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Booking In

Hi Ladies,
I've got my booking in appt with the mw tomorrow, and I am really nervous about having my blood taken. This never bothered me throughout my first pregnancy but during labour, birth and after wards I was constantly been poked with needles I think Ive now developed a fear. Was just wondering if u needed to have bloods taken at ur booking in or could I wait til my next appt to give myself a bit longer to prepare Kerry xxxxxxxx


  • hi, sorry im no help but i never get my bloods taken at booking in app,well never last time, my booking in app this time isnt until 2 weeks away xx
  • I had bloods taken at my booking-in. I was nervous and didn't really want them done either. I knew I didn't have STIs and I knew my blood group so I thought what's the point? But they need to know, however sure you are, and I guess if there's a prob they'd rather know sooner than later.

    I think if you're scared of needles then it's best to just grit your teeth and have them done asap. Cos otherwise you'll just build it up and be even more freaked about it. x
  • i had my booking in a couple of weeks ago and i didnt have my bloods done they r doing them next week so nervous about it i hate needles they r doing the 1st scan next week as well but im so nervous and scared about the bloods that in not even looking forward to the scan!!!!!
  • Hi,
    I think its usual to get them done at the booking in appointment to be honest and from what i can work out everytime they look at you from then on they want you to pee in a jar or take some blood!! A tip for you though, DON'T eat anything sweet before your test, i did this and ended up having to have a gloucose test 2 weeks later which is 3 needles in 3 hours which came back negative all due to a sticky toffee pudding!! Also, check they have spelt your name and have your details correct on the forms and tubes, they KEEP mislabling mine and i keep having to go back cos they spell my name wrong. I wouldn't mind but i have 9 letters in my whole name!!! I have given so much blood i swear they are selling it somewhere. So check your details to avoid more blood tests than necessary!! x
  • hi kerry,

    sorry to hear you're so nervous about your blood tests. it must feel awful. you have the right, as with any kind of medical treatment, to refuse any tests etc that are offered. But like tiger lily says, they do do the tests for important reasons. It might be better if you discuss your fear of needles when you go for an appointment. I bet they deal with people who have a fear of needles all the time.

    If you put the blood tests off till next time, then that gives you a few more weeks of worrying about them. But if you do it tomorrow then that's it out of the way.

    Good luck with it - let us know how you get on.
  • Thanks ladies, I know ur right and should have them done! I don't know why I'm getting so worked up coz like I said it never used to bother me. I'll prob b okay wen I get there, will let u know how i get on my appt is nice and early at 09.30 so hopefully it won't be to busy in there. Kerry xxxxx
  • Went for booking in yesterday and the midwife I had was horrible. I took my best friend with me coz of the whole needles thing and she was questioning why I couldn't go in on my own, so I just told her coz I dint want to. Anyway to cut a long story short she was asking loads of questions bout my previous pregnacy wen she already had the note in front of her so any answer I gave she was double checking WAT IS THE POINT? I had my bloods done but wat a nightmare, she tried in both arms n cudn't do it so I had to see anova mw who also tried in both arms n eventually managed to get blood. Now my arms look disgusting with big bruises. Gud news tho I got my scan date 17th dec well excited. Kerry xxxx
  • oh kerry what a shame!!!! i think when you're nervous it makes it much harder to get blood. at least it's over with. dont worry, your arms will heal and it's not too long till your scan - you're the same day as me!

    (re: going over your notes - i think they have to double check in case anything has been taken down wrong previously - i've had to relive the nightmare of m/c's every time i've seen a doc or m/w which is heartbreaking but they need to know that the info they have is accurate)
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