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breast vs bottle



  • I think my OH would have got a frying pan on his head too with a comment like that!!!

    My baby weighed 9lb 4oz at birth so don't worry- ur LO is weeny!! She is a over 15lb now at 4 months and like somebody else said from the threads about babies weight they vary so much- she is deffinatlly not overweight lighter than some/heavier than others.

    Oh, and my LO was continuing up the 75th centile when i was BF, Now im bottle feeding- she is just below it... HV said that most babies do put more on when bottle feeding but i think that they actually only take what they want (where as with BF they keep going sometimes for comfort) Now if Shayla has had enough she just grins at me with the bottle in her mouth and i know she isnt fussed about finishing,

    Hannah xx

    p.s- Hayley- its good to know that others went through what i did (i know that sounds horrible- but u know what i mean) i wasnt alone in feeling so guilty. I wish there wasnt so much pressure and all this reasearch saying about obesity rates and what have u... its not always accuarte they will probably change their minds next week!
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