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I'm starting to look at highchairs for my LO.
Can anyone recommend one, or give hints and tips on what I should be looking for?? I don't want to buy one then not end up liking it.

Thankyou in advanced


  • My friend gave me a high chair but it seems to take up so much room so i bought a seat that attaches to a chair and reclines, it can be used from birth so we have sat lo in it at the table while we eat and she loves it.
    We got it in Tesco, i think it goes right through to the booster stage so thought it was good value at ??40.
  • Hi, i brought the high chair from mothercare that converts into a table and chair when lo is older. The reason i got this one was that i didnt want to spend a fortune on it and i wanted something to last him a little while. I found it really handy when my best friend came to stay as her son is 3 years old and he spent most of the day just sitting at the table doing colouring in.
  • there are some brill portable high chairs on (inc the one that you got in tescos) and they are reasonably priced too. were getting ours from there, so lo can sit at the table with us at xmas.
  • I have the chicco polly. It is expensive... BUT it is worth every single penny!!!! :\) I wanted to buy something that would last as I always knew I wanted more than 1 child. I bought a babydan wooden highchair for ??45 at first but later I found out my son needed extra support due to being dx with cerebal palsy so then bought the chicco polly.

    I kept them both but used the polly it was brilliant!! image I used the wooden one for when my nephew came for tea. Daniel is 2 now and doesn't need much support so has gone back to using the wooden babydan. it's good as it does take up ALOT less room. image

    But then baby 2 came along and the polly came out again. it lies back to more or less a flat position. so when baby joe grew out of his moses basket (which didn't take long as I have very long babies, lol) we put him in there plus it was high enough to keep him away from my 1st son, lol :lol:

    So now i use the polly for the baby and the wooden babydan for daniel.

    I would never have bought it if daniel didn't have any extra problems BUT I am SO glad I did! image

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