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LAARGE Fibroid

Hello, wondering whether anyone can help alleviate my concerns, I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I have a 14cm X11cm fibroid sitting above my baby, I went to see my consultant today who has been monitoring the size of the fibriod, it doesn't seem to have grown much bigger than what it was when I had my 12 week scan, however, she mentioned that she had never seen one as big as mine, and seem to indicate that it may not shrink back to its original size after the birth, and could possibly require surgery post baby birth to have it out, Alot of my friends are pregnant at the moment but none seem to been experiencing the problem I have , by the way most people seem to think i am due to give birth soon, when i tell them that i am just over halfway, they all seem quite shocked as to how big I am, in most cases i will tell them that I have a fibroid.

Has anyone got any advice on what happens, the consultant wants to monitor me every six weeks which is relief to me but still leaves me worried that this tumour may never shrink back



  • hiya welcome to the forum. :\) this might not be what you want to hear... but my sister had 1 fibroid whilst pregnant with her first which grew and never shrunk, it was the size of a big grapefruit. they told her that she may have problems conceiving again... but she did conceive and had her daughter. with this the first fibroid grew to the size of large melon and another one grew to the size of grapfruit. botht of them stayed the same size afterwards. :\(

    she was told that they can reduce down in size but her's didn't. her's where in the top of her womb that's why they told her she'd have probs coneiveing again. strange how the little buggers can get through! lol

    she didn't have any problems with being pregnant and having the fibroids, just that it got very crampt and abit uncomfortable towards the end.

    she did speak to specialists about going for no.3 but they recommended she didn't try as it would be too serious, they told her she needed to have them removed but as the were so large they'd have to remove her womb. She left it as it was for a few years before deciding to go for it. she was 26 when she had her 2nd and had her hysteretomy when she was 31. she was fed up of looking 5/6 months pregnant all the time and they pushed all the time on her bladder too. don't know how she put up with it for so long.

    they removed her womb but left her ovaries so she doesn't need HRT and if she ever wanted to go for egg transfer etc she could try her own eggs still. her and her dh decided that they were blessed with 2 gorgous very healthy kids so have left it at that.

    sorry if it sounds a bit harsh, hope it goes well with your baby. xxxxxxxx.
  • hi,

    First of all, try not to panic. There's no need to do anything about the fibroid whilst you're pregnant. The most important thing is whether the fibroid is interfering with your baby's development. Since you have not mentioned it, you probably have not been told. So ask the doc next time.

    I have a fibroid and never knew about it until the 12 week scan. They said it was 12 x 9 cm, at the top of the womb and most importantly on the outside of the womb. So it did not prevent the baby growing, and it did not get in the way of the birth. I ended up having elective C section due to breech and large baby (over 9 pound!), and the fibroid was not a problem whatsoever.

    When I first found out I had a fibroid, I panicked, like you. I tried to get info. Doctors and consultants only said not to worry - which was not much use. Over time the info I gathered was that fibroids are more common than people realise. Depending on where they are, they can cause problems like infertility, or hardly any problem, like mine. Size wise, they can get quite big. African women have very large fibroids apparently. Do they grow? Well apparently the pregnancy hormones make them grow, but mine didn't seem to. If your consultant wants to monitor every 6 weeks, that sounds right to me. The ultrasound scan will show its size and blood suppply, which helps to tell you if it's likely to grow. Does it shrink back? My consultant didn't think mine would. I have not had a check since my baby was born but gut instinct tells me it's ok at the moment. I remember that was my biggest worry when I first found out, and yet now, 16 weeks after baby was born, I really don't care. As for surgery, I would rather not. Having had a C section, I wouldn't want any more major abdominal surgery without very good reason.

    Oh, and looking big for dates, I did too. Total strangers would come up to me and tell me I was having twins. One woman swore blind it would be 2 girls. I ended up with one big healthy baby boy.

    I hope that my story helps to put your mind at ease. As long as your consultant is keeping an eye on you, I think you will be fine.

    All the best
  • hi
    Just seen wenders' post as mine went up. I am sorry your sister had to have hysterectomy. I hope to try for no. 2 in the near future. I hope I won't end up with more fibroids.
  • no it's ok she's fine with it now, it was 3 years ago and she's ok. she was sad she didn't have no 3 but she's very greatful for the 2 she has got as soem people never get that. xxx

    she never had any physical problems with her fibroids just that she looked pregnant when she wasn't and she had to wee all the time. image

    My sister's case was more because it was inside her womb at the top and the other one was lower down. they siad if she did have no.3 she would defo develop another fibroid and the biggest one would grow again due to the hormones you get when pregnant.

    i'm sure you'll be ok. xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Dear All

    Thanks for the comments, I think i need to have a full on chat with my consultant particularly regarding chances for concieving again. I will keep you informed of what happens. Its good to hear that I am not alone in this, thanks all Sara xxx:\)
  • Hi Ivana

    I feel the same as you do, even though the consultant is monitoring me, they dont' seem to tell me a huge amount, alot of what i know comes from reading internet sites etc. When I do question them, they seem to dismiss my questions and tell me not to worry, i was told yesterday that if the fibroid is still large after post baby, they could operate on it, but that was all they told me, hence why i'm here on the chat forum. If i do need surgery to remove it, then i will also choose to go privately. Good to hear from you Sara xxx:\)
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