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Finally the doctors help!!

Hi - my lo is 13 weeks old and has had a horrible cough, like so many others, but also has a wheeze - quite an obvious one. Took her to the doctors on monday, told to keep an eye on her bring her back if she gets worse, which I did on wednesday, got told that her chest was clear - it wasn't, since then her breathing got worse and shes gone off her milk, and since I'm feeding her by boobs are enormous and painful!! Took her back today and finally they have given her antibiotics for a chest infection and has a definate wheeze,possible crackle in her chest and have to go back on monday if still not right. After one dose she fed for 45 minutes - relief - as opposed to the 5-10 mins overnight. The reason they were so reluctant to give her anything was because she is still so smiley. It is the bronchilitus season apparently so if anyones lo has a cought - keep an eye on them and take to docs if unsure.
Sam xx


  • Glad to hear you lo is getting some help now. Hope she gets better soon.
  • hope she gets better soon sam xxx
  • Thanks guys - so do I!!
  • Ohh, i'm a bit worried now, my lo has had a bit of a cough and sneezing but no runny nose, took her to docs and they said a virus, she then woke us up the other night choking and struggling to breath because of mucus on her chest, took her to docs and he said lungs were clear as a bell, she still sounds bubbly at times especially if she has been led down.
    Is your lo wheezing and coughing all the time?
  • She seems to wheeze quite a bit, and coughs as she can't clear her throat - if you are worried take her to get checked out - I took Violet 3 times before they gave her antibiotics - but please don't worry - I didn't post to worry anyone. My middle daughter has a form of asthma which started when she was quite young so I am probably more vigilant and neurotic than most!!
    Sam xx
  • he has been like it for nearly a week and we have seen the doctor twice already, she's not off her feed and does have a bit of a funny tummy so i expect it is a virus but if it hasn't cleared by middle of next week i will probably go back. i don't think it bothers her too much just worries us!
  • I know what you mean - I was sitting in bed at 3am rocking her back to sleep crying my eyes out!! Shes been feeding alot better since shes been on her antibiotics - much to the relief of my boobs!! I hope she feels better soon.
  • Not the best alarm clock waking up to hear your baby choking, they are a worry aren't they, but so worth it!
    Hope your lo is well soon!
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