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Was wondering if it was yesterday you had to go back to hospital. If so is everything ok?

Kerry xxxx


  • Hi Kerry

    I was back at the hospital yesterday for more blood tests. After an agonising afternoon of waiting to hear, I finally gave in and rang the hospital.
    They told me that the hgc levels had gone up, but I'm not sure by how much. I think that is a good sign but now I have to go back to the hospital tomorrow (Sat) to have more blood taken and see if the hormone levels are continuing to rise. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to speak to a doctor and there might be a posibility of having another scan, but that is not definite.
    I really feel like we need an answer tomorrow as I don't think I could go through another week like this last one. It's been an emotional rollercoaster!! I felt quite positive yesterday after speaking to the hospital, but now I'm worring again that maybe levels of hgc haven't gone up enough.
    I'm still bleeding but it's more brown blood than red. I just wish that it would stop because it's really getting me down.
    Thanks for thinking of me, will keep you updated. Hopefully tomorrow we will have some answers and maybe some good news. What I wouldn't give to see something on a scan! xxx
  • Good luck for today keeping everything crossed for you.
    Why do the first 12 weeks have to be so stressful.

    Big hugs

    Kerry xxxx
  • Thinking of you today shrewpin, I know the hgc levels need to double every two days. I have sooo been there before had to have bloods taken every two days for weeks.
    Good luck babe xxxxxxx
  • Hi all, been back at hospital again today. Have had bloods taken and checked and again they have gone up. Not quite double but more than 60% the nurse said. I think they are looking for a rise of 60% or more!???!
    The situation now is that I have to go back and have more bloods taken on Monday and then if that is okay a scan at some point on Tuesday. Still feeling very worried but like my OH says it's all good news so far. I just wish the hcg levels were doubling rather than nearly doubling, I don't know if I'm abnormal and the hospital are concerned because the levels aren't rising at a rate that they are happy with, hence all these trips to the hospital for blood tests? Argh it's just killing me. Does anyone know how likely it is for the hcg levels to rise over a few days and then just stop?
    Debbie when you were having bloods taken did your levels double or were they slightly out like mine. I really just hope that if I have a scan done on Tuesday I will be able to see something. That will be really reassuring. Thanks again for your care and concern. xxx
  • Hi,

    The levels are rising and thats the main thing. Will be thinking of you on Monday,keep us posted.

    Big hugs

    Kerry xxxx
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