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how and what age did you wean your baby?

how and what age did you wean your baby? my lo is 4 months and showing signs of being ready we have started giving him a little baby rice but crys as soon as its finished and wants more?


  • Hi
    I started weaning my lo at 17 weeks as she was always hungry and watching us eat. A good guide for introducing food is the Annabel Karmel book.
  • Hi

    I started Spencer at 17 and half weeks.
    At his 4:30pm feed he has 3/4 of normal milk feed and 1 cube fruit puree (frozen then defrosted and heated) mixed with 1 ounce either breastmilk or formula and enough baby rice to make a yoghurty consistency. I pop him in his bouncy chair and feed him from a weaning spoon.
    I try to make it as fun as poss and he now gets quite excited when I put him in chair as he knows whats going to happen.

    Annabel Karmel is a great source of re-assurance and inspiration but let your baby guide you.

    Good luck x

    p.s carrot puree is a nightmare to get out of clothes & carpet!
  • As pixie-woo says carrot puree is a nightmare but baby wipes seem to get any marks out.

    I mainly used by AK book for the recipes and the change in routine but mainly give Abigail whatever she prefers to eat. I found she is not a lover of Banana but i think that it's mainly because of the texture.
  • Hi ya,

    we started weaning Joshua at 22 weeks- he was a big baby but seemed very content on his bottles ( x5 8oz bottles) then at 22 weeks he started waking earlier in the morning and was fussy soon after his feeds so we started him off on baby rice and went on from there. He's now 27 weeks old and eats pretty much what we eat and has x3 8oz bottles a day and 3 meals a day and sleeps 7pm-7am. The AK book is fab with great recipies. The DoH dont recommend you wean till 6 months so if you start before then introduce a new food every couple of days but milk is till the most important thing to have so try not to reduce the amoun of milk too quickly. Im sure your lo will let you know how much they want to eat. Good luck and have plenty of protection on hand...for you, lil on, kitchen, table, chairs :lol: etc etc lol xxx
  • Hi

    I started early too, i gave my lo some baby rice at 10 weeks, i introduced veg (carrots/sweet potato/courgette/brocolli/swede etc) at about 14 weeks. at about 16 weeks i started to give him some baby cereal and at 18 weeks i gave him some fruit. So he now has bottle & cereal at 8am, bottle and fruit at 11:30am and bottle & veg at 3:30pm then last bottle at 7pm.

    I use annabelle karmel food cube trays which are brilliant. I cook up a load of fruit and veg every two weeks and puree them then put them in these trays and freeze. I use two cubes for lunch and two cubes for dinner now, but i started with one cube. Just pop them out when you need them and defrost then heat. It saves so much time by doing it this way.

    The only thing my lo doesnt like at the minute is banana, as Cassie said, i think its because of the texture! My lo is 20 weeks today.

    Hope that helps x
  • I had planned to wait until 6 months, but at 5 1/2 months, my son went from 5 feeds a day to 7, so I figured he was ready for solids. He wasn't showing any interest before that.
  • thanks you lot!i have some of the ak bits the hand blender and the trays have tried him with a little bit of carrot but he only seems to sick it back up is this normal? i have also given him the cow and gate baby balance breakfast which he really lovesand cries for more lol
  • hi i started joseph at 11 weeks on baby rice and then veg etc at 16 weeks he is 7 months now and eats most thing but is getting fussier by the day! xx
  • I started at 16 weeks (LO was nearly 4 months) and i just started with baby rice mixed with her usual milk then began introducing new foods like mixing banana with it a week later and now she has cereals and fruit purees but is only just over 18 weeks so she is only having it once a day after her third feed. (best to offer them their usual feed first otherwise they may not take it if they have solids first) and was told by HV that their usual milk is most important nutrition for them at this age.
    My LO isn't really that hungry and doesnt show any signs of wanting more solids so im just sticking to once a day and she doesnt have a lot (about 5 small spoons full from her weaning spoon)

    If u buy packets and pots just look on the label as it tells u what stage they are suitable for either 4-6 mnths or 6mnths+

    Good luck
    Hannah xx
  • Hi i strated weaning at 12 weeks,i would start with baby rice then move onto carott in a few weeks give him a chance to get used to the rice good luck! & keep the wipes handy!! xo
  • I'm genuinely shocked by how early some of you have weaned your kids! So early, their poor little tummies. Why could you not have waited a few more weeks?
  • Piglet, look at the dates hun, this is from 2007 and the other thread is 2011.  I think in the last 3 / 4 years guidleines have changed to wean at 6 months but prior to that it was normal to wean at 17 weeks.  X

  • I started weaning at around 21 weeks. he was very active early on and showed signs of wanting food. He was interested in the food we were eating, doing the chewing movements with his mouth, waking up more during the night, sitting up, reaching out for food off our plates. So I started feeding him baby rice mixewithin breast milk once a day around 5/6pm. Then about 2 weeks later started giving him puréed carrot, sweet potato, red lentils. Then from 6 months, I started him on 3 meals. day. He would still have his normal milk feeds while he was being weaned. At first I fed him on my lap or sofa and then moved him into the high chair from around 6 months. But leading up to him feign fed in the high chair, I used to sit him in while I was cooking so he got used to the chair.

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