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Not as far gone as i thought?


Just got back from having an early scan due to pains i was getting. Was really chuffed because there was even a heartbeat which i wasn't expecting.

However the sonograher told me that it was to early to give me a def due date and i wasn't 6 weeks yet. The baby is 2mm in size. I thought i was 6 +4 and now i'm worried that the baby isn't as big as it should be. :\?

Has anyone else thought there were further than they were following a scan? Am i worrying (yet again!) about nothing.

Thanks x x x x x x x


  • I havent had my scan yet, so i dont know how id feel! But i wouldnt worry about it hun, as you may have ov later than you thought! Even if your baby isnt as big as it should be doesnt mean theres anything wrong hun, it could make the difference up later on. Unless the docs are worried id tell myself everything is ok!!!

    Hope that helps xx
  • Hey hun,
    I really wouldnt worry about the babys size, wait until your 12 wk dating scan where you will get a more accurate date. I was out a few days with mine. As baby tigger said you might have ovulated later than you thought ect.
    Good luck and I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months xxx
  • i had the same issue i thought i was8+6 turned out the max measurement was 7+6 at 15mm heart beat was amazing though! proper dating scan weds at 9+6 :/ wierd date to pick!
  • Hi jules, its very good that they got heartbeat as it usually starts at around 6 weeks. I wouldnt worry about dates and sizes yet, as it is too early to date it and they like to do it around 12 weeks as it is more accurate you could go to your 12 week scan and dates are spot on. I had the same thing with my second. It always depends on sonographer too as it is difficult to do measurements when so small to get 100% accuracy.

    Hope this helps and makes sense xx
  • hey, just to say i agree with all the other girls who've posted here - dont worry too much about the dates and stuff just now. You've seen a nice healthy heartbeat - that's the important thing!

  • Dates can be really out in the first 12 weeks. I had to go for two early scans due to bleeding. At my first, I was 6+5 by my dates but they put me at 6+1. At my second, I was 8+5 and they put me at 9+1!!! Confusing...but baby's grow at different rates. Don't worry, you saw the heartbeat and thats whats important x x x
  • Its normal for the date u get to be different to wat u thought because u calculate ur due date from the first date of ur last period so in reality u might not even have concieved for the first two weeks of your pregnancy. I wouldn't worry about it to much, at least u saw the little heartbeat. I'm currently ten weeks and dnt have my first scan until 17thdec. I'm worry they are not gona find anything there coz I never had my pregnancy confirmed they just went off the fact that I had two +ve home tests. Good Luck Kerry xxxxx
  • Hi
    I weny for my dating scan at what i thought was just over 10 weeks and they said i was just over 8 weeks. It can be a little disappointing at first because you are not as far gone as you thought. But do not worry the time goes past really quick as i am now 24 weeks! Everything will be fine.
  • Hello, I went for my first scan and according to midwife I was 14+3 hwoever I was told measurements show that I was 13+2. Mine was different becuase the due date is based in a 28day cycle and mine were usually 30-32 days. Not sure if that helps.
  • hi

    i went for my 12wk scan only to be told i was in fact 10wks, then at the 12 wk scan (bagged a freebie scan out of it!!) i was told it was again out by a few days.
    i did worry at first but i am now 26wks and baby's growth is fine.

    as my mum said, when they measure your baby at the scan they put a cross on each end of the baby,now one sonographer will put the centre of the cross in one place and they other may put it slightly out, with the size of the bubba's that can make all the difference.
    try not to worry.
  • I had my scan 2 weeks ago, thought i was 12 weeks but was only 10 when she measured. Don't worry though, the main thing is that you saw a healthy little heart beat and your baby is doing fine!

    people say it flies by, it didn't for me as i pretty much cant think about anything else! i try and think of it as "by xmas i'll be 15 weeks" then the next landmark after that! that way it seems a lot quicker than just counting the days!
  • hi this happened to me too, but i was told i was 2 weeks less preg than i thought! i am now 4 months and everythings fine, but dont worry atall, it is too early for then to give a date because they seem to have to measure specific parts of the baby where this is too difficult so early on. i understand you worrying as i was exactly the same.i went for early scan due to pains aswell, when i thought i was 8 weeks gone. (since it had been 8 weeks since last period) but i was only 6 weeks meaning to didnt ovulate til 4 weeks after my last it could just be that you ovulated later or something. they will be able to tell you a date at 12 weeks scan,but im sure everything will be fine.try not to worry and congrats on your pregnancy!!
  • thanks everyone for all of your advice. It's very reassuring. I'd be lost without everyone on here x x x x x
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