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Confused -- I am 5 weeks gone -- Anyone the same?

I thought was only 3 weeks gone but went to the Drs ysterday and was told I am approximately 5 weeks gone. Is this because they go from the 1st day of your AF and we go by our OV time.

After reading your messages it all seems that we are correct to go by our OV dates and not our AF dates! Am I right?

I hope im further gone than 3 wks now -- Closer to out the 12 week stage, which I cant wait to do. I MC previously and im so scared its going to happen again!!



  • Hiya hun,
    they go from the first day of your last period, and to work out due date add 7 days to the first day of last period and then add 9 months. I have just spoken to my midwife to make booking in appointment and that's what she told me. My last period started 20th oct and my due date is 27th July so am just over 6 weeks if that helps.xx
  • your doc is right - approx the first two weeks you are 'pregnant' is before you conceive!!

    Congrats on your pregnancy
  • Oh right that kinda helps, The start of my last period was 29 Oct -- So 9 days behind u! We can be PG buddies!!

    I just cant help being nervous at every twinge!!

  • Yeah definately! So that means your due date will be around 5th August?
    I know what you mean, I've had a mc too so it always makes you worry a bit more! I just can't wait for the first scan , although I don't think I get one until 15 to 17 weeks in my area and not seeing my midwife till 2nd Jan which seems ages away!!xx
  • Im due on Aug 4th. My first midwife appointment is Dec 28th. Im hopin to get a scan not long after as im goin on holiday on Jan 9th for 2weeks! Midwife appointment does seem ages away! I dont know what to do with myself! Haha.

  • The first day ov ur last period is correct, so for me my last period was 24th oct which makes my due date 30th june, however wen u have ur dating scan this date will prob change again because they calculate ur due date from the size of baby. Congratulations, it seems there are loads ov us aving summer babies. Kerry xxxxxxxxx
  • There sure is! It great! I just cant wait for my scan! I am so excited bout everything!

    Im sure that date will change bout 3 times from everything I hear! Haha -- Never mind so long as the baby is healthy!!

  • kerry - now you've confused me! The first day of my last period was 15th September (over a month before you) and my due date is 22nd June (only a week before you).

    Was your last period not in September (or is your due date not till 30 July?).

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  • hi, my booking in app is 19th dec too, im due 25th july with 2nd, i had a mc in oct 2005 and went on to have a healthy baby boy 20 weeks ago im now nearly 7 weeks again , im scared as get pains but remember having them with my son, im due 6 days after my sons 1st birthday cool lol xx
  • Hi ladies

    My last period was 19th October and my Gp has given me a due date of 26th October.

    My Doc has booked me in with midwife for the 17th December and I will be 8 weeks 3 days by then, she had no free appointments after that for 6 more weeks, glad i am in early to be honest, I'm desperate to get to some milestones especially 12 weeks.

    Its all soooo scary and exciting.
  • yeah it is very scary and exciting at same time, i cant wait for scan january is such long away i have no patience lol xx
  • lets hope our babies get the patience we didnt get!!!
  • Hi all, I'm 6 weeks and due on 31 July- my booking in appointment isn't until 9 Jan though- should i push for a closer appointment?
  • lol was thinking the same jmp. think your an elephant? althought they carry for 2 years lol my last period was 20th sep due 20 june officially now image
  • For Rachal - will you get your first scan with your booking in appt? If so - your probably best leaving it till when it is - you'll get a much clearer view of your lo.

    My booking in appt isn't till 13 weeks but I'll get my scan then so cant wait!
  • gr2007, no the scan appointment has been ordered from the hospital separately. My booking in is purely to see the midwife and do bloods etc. I'm a bit worried cos my sister in law who is due 2 weeks before me has her appointment a whole month before me. She must have got the last appointment!
  • lol gr2007 if you were anything like me i was bouncuing off the ceiling after seeing my lil bear image knowing i was 2 weeks further than they told me 2 weeks ago means lo had a 4 week growth spurt in 2 weeks! no wonder i was feeling like pooh lmao
  • LOL yes July, think I might get sacked if I dont get these gray brain cells fixed!

    Anyone else having dizzy blonde/brunette or red moments? (no discrimination allowed so thought Id use all hair colours)

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  • I had IVF so know my exact dates but have been given the 3rd,4th, 5th and 6th of June as due dates already and i'm 14 weeks. So, yeah they do change all the time no matter what. (& they added 2 weeks on)
  • My booking appointment is 28th Dec and they will make my scan appointment. Im thinkng bout trying to push this forward a little as im on holiday for 2 weeks in Jan nd going to the Dominican Republic.

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