does anyone know where they sell dopplers apart from on line i dont have a credit card so my search for one is failing miserably sobsob xxx


  • think mothercare do one but i have no idea what its like - sorry but i know they sell one x
  • thankyou coxley will check it out xx
  • tesco sell them as do most maternity shops i think.
  • thankyou crochetmom xx
  • I know that argos do one, but when I asked my midwife about one with my first pregnancy she strongly advise me against it coz she told me so many women get upset and worried wen they cnt find a heart beat (as it is supposingly hard to). If you get one let me know how u get on coz I would consider buying one myself this time round if I thought it was gona work and I could do it myself. Gud Luck xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • wow kerry is that you now?you look glowingly gorgeous in that dress!
  • No not me now! I hope not anyway only 10.3 weeks Ha Ha Ha. This was me at only 33weeks with my first son, I got really big really quick, and I think its happening again this time as have a very noticable baby bump. It was all baby tho dint actually get fat and think its gona b the same this time, hoping for not as big tho. Kerry xxxxxxx
  • argos do them hun xx
  • wow stunning can only hope i look as glamourous at that stage lol prolly more like santa hahaha
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