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Hi Girls

I am new to this so please be patient with me. I return from my honeymoon in novemeber and ended up at A&E the next day then then scaned me and said i had a empty sac come back next week and they would scan again. Went back the following week and they said the same that the sac was empty and booked me in for an op for friday but that night i hemorrhaged and ended up back in A&E and had en emergency erpc.

docs said about waiting and having one AF before TTC!!! Has anyone else waited or tried straight away ? Has anyone been sucessful straight away??

How long did it take before your AF arrived ??

Sorry about all the questions


  • Hi I'm sorry for your loss.

    I had a MMC in july at 11wks, there were 2 sacs but they only measured 8wks. I to had to go back a week later & then had a erpc.

    I was told to wait 2wks after erpc before we had sex but we could try after that if we wanted. I decided to wait for AF 1st just to feel my body had recovered. 1st AF arrived 32dys after erpc.

    Some people do get preg right away, some take a while. I'm on mth 4 TTC now, everyones different.

    Helen x x
  • thanks helen,

    I was 13 1/2 weeks when i mc, the bleeding stopped within about 3 days after the erpc. I had heard that you are more fertile straight after but dont know how true that is. I was told it was safe to have sex once the bleeding has stopped providing i felt comfortable with that. We havent really been trying but we havent been careful either.

    Have your AFs returned to normal or a they alittle all over the place!! Are you able to work out when you are OV


    sorry about your loss hope it happens soon for you both
  • Hi Claire
    I heard your more fertile for the 1st 3mths after a MC.

    My AFs have been between 29-34 dys. The 1st AF I had really bad pains which I never normally get but it only lasted 2dys. The 2nd was fine 29dys, but the 3rd arrived on CD34 & was really really heavy & painful. But my last AF was fine arrived CD32 & wasn't heavy or painful. I'm putting it down to my body taking a while to recover, I only had 1 AF after coming off the pill (after 10yrs) when I got preg.

    I'v been taking my temp since Sept & am able to see I OV around CD17-18.

    Helen x x
  • Hi Helen,

    Thank you for sharing that with me, that has helped me put my mind at ease a little bit, although i am still finding things hard. I have some good days and some bad.

    Do you have any other children??

    Claire xx
  • Hi... I had a mmc in feb of this year - I was told to wait a month before ttc - which we did (mainly because I was an emotional wreck and I had a post op infection) - I fell pregnant at the end of March/beg April and my little boy is due in 16 days. Hope this helps - I know how difficult the time after a mc is.

    Take care and good luck

    Em x
  • Hi,

    Congratulations, hope all goes well for you, let me know how you go. Is this you first baby? I can understand the emotional wreck thing i just feel that the more i dont try the worse i will feel. its the not knowing anything at the moment that i am finding difficult.

    How long did you have to wait for your 1st AF after mc
  • Hi Claire

    We dont have any children, we'v been together 10yrs but only got married in march. I would of had a baby a couple of years ago but OH wasn't ready.

    You will have good days & bad days. Its 5mths nearly since mine & I still cry some days. I felt so desperate to be preg the 1st few mths, I guess I thought it would help ease the pain. But as the mths have gone by its got easier to deal with not being preg.

    The 1 thing that helped me was talking to others who'd been through it, knowing I'm not alone.

    I'm here when you need to chat.
    Helen x x
  • hi helen i had an ectopic in january had it removed with my left tube but fell pregnant two weeks after surgery hence to say it was to soon and my body was not ready and miss carried at six weeks. had two a/f after that am now 29 weeks pregnant and all is ok. give your body time to recover at least 2/3 cycles. good luck x x xx
  • Thanks Helen and bev, for your support. its nice to know that i am not alone in how i am feeling.

    Over the last few days have had some very very light bleeding but only in the morning after going 4a wee. Any idea?? seems different to af and no bleeding during the day

  • Hi
    How long is it since your erpc, could it be little bits of blood left over thats taking its time to come out?
  • Hi Helen

    ERPC was over 3 weeks ago now and the bleeding after the erpc stopped within 2-3 days and nothing till now. Its only in the morning when i wiped after going to the toilet and its very light no pain, or anything like that so i dont know

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  • Ohh sorry dont know, could be AF getting ready to start?
    If your worried give the hosp a ring they might be able to reasure you. I'm sure its nothing to worry about.
    I remember after my erpc I was so worried wondering is this normal, have I got an infection. I had brown spotting for 2wks, it could be something similar.
  • Hi Helen,

    Thank you i will see how it is over the next few days, hopefully it is af getting ready and then i can start ttc again, which will make me feel much better. hate the way i feel at the moment.

    take care xx
  • Theres nothing anyone can say to make you feel better, it just gets a little bit easier as the weeks & mths go by.
    Its 5mths for me & I still have bad days. Like today, I'v cried twice, I just feel that way today.
    I think it does you good to cry, you'v got to greave for your loss.
    If your feeling bad just come on here & write everything down, things you might not want to say to your OH or family. I often didn't want to worry my OH with how upset I was so I would write it down.
    Take Care
    Helen x x
  • Hi helen,

    Thanks for your advice and support, makes me feel alittle better (if you know what i mean) that i am not alone. Sorry you have been upset today. Hope it happens for you soon.

    Take care
  • Thanks Claire
    Thats what helped me knowing I wasn't alone.
    I'll be here if you need to talk.
    Take Care
    Helen x x
  • what if one just spots after erpc and it stops after two days
  • I had an erpc on Wednesday after the baby stopped growing. I bled lots on Wednesday but now 2 days later it is just spotting. I am desperate to try again. Drs have put on my discharge notes no intercourse for 2 weeks to minimise risk of infection. As this is all it states I presume after 2 weeks we can start to try again? I also have recurrent miscarriages (this is our 4th) and they have suggest low dose aspirin if I fall pregnant again - has anyone else had this? Thanks all and good luck xx

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