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Retching when brushing teeth!

Is this 'normal'?!! It started yesterday and it happened again this morning. I'm 7 weeks pg and haven't had any sickness yet just nausea xxxxxxxx


  • im 17 weeks and this still happens to me !!!!
  • lol i knew someone who wasn't pregnant that wretched when brushing teeth image
  • I had this problem when I was first pregnant (34 weeks now). I changed my toothpaste and found that it helped a bit. I also used a little bit of toothpaste at a time and just took my time and rinsed between brushing my top and bottom teeth. I know it all sounds like a lot of hassle but if I didn't do it then I would end up being sick.
  • Glad I'm not the only one!!

    Thanks for your advice Mrs AJ. I will try that tomorrow and see if it helps! xxxxxx
  • This happened to me all through my first pregnancy and stopped the day I gave birth! I'm just hoping it doesn't happen this time round! Am 6+5 now and it hasn't yet but it started at around 8 weeks last time. Let me know if you find a cure!xxx
  • It's totally normal...Don't worry! I retch and cough when I spray deodorant!!! X
  • I just wrote I post on this issue this morning, as Im ten and a half weeks and have started with really bad nausea and have found it really hard to brush my teeth without heaving, it was that bad yesterday I gave up n munched half a pack of chewing gum instead which really didn't help my nausea. If anyone finds a miracle cure that doesn't involve extracing teeth ha ha ha, I would be greatful. I just worried coz ive got a check up at the dentist on 21st dec, n dnt wana throw up on him ha ha ha Kerry xxxxxxxx
  • Look in the mirror when you brush! sounds silly but it works! this is what we reccommend to patients at work! (i'm a dental nurse!) and it helps me!
  • Really?! Wow, thanks Samantha. I'll give that a go! xxxxx
  • Hello Im 15weeks nearly and still get it now. I have always cleaned my teeth whilst looking in the mirror, this maybe whu I'm not thatn bad. However, I find that if i keep too much in my mouth before spitting it out it makes me retch. Or if I keep it in my mouth while hold my toothbrush in my teeth it also makes me retch...i.e if I'm trying to multi-task! xxx
  • I couldn't brush my teeth properly for ages!!! I'm 26 weeks now and fine image
  • Looks like we'll just have to sit it out, everyone is convinced I'm aving a girl this time round coz I didnt have anything like this with my son, typical of a girl, has to make herself known ha ha ha xxxxxxxx
  • Had this from 4wks to 18wks on a daily basis, then intermittent to 32wks and since then it's most mornings again!! Not a lot has seemed to help but will try the looking in the mirror one tomorrow and see if that helps.

    It's always when i get to the top left teeth, tried doing that first and chucked, last and chucked, in the middle and chucked!! Come to the conclusion it's one of those things!! Hope it improves quickly for you.

  • I have had this during all three of my pregnancies and I have found the only thing that works is changing the toothbrush itself... I use a small headed toothbrush

    Good Luck x x
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