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Silver cross 3d

I know there has been a few posts about this lately, but i am looking to get a silver cross 3d & have heard some good reports about them. But was wondering how people find it when its put down to get in car etc, i have a 2 year old thats all I am thinking when i need to go anywhere with hubby etc will we need to take both the pram & my daughters buggy & will they both fit into the boot ?

I've heard you can get a "buggy Board" so need to look into these further really - was just really wanting to see if anyone had any experiences with a toddler & baby or this type of pram etc

Thanks, claire


  • Hi I have the Silver Cross 3d Pram and it is very good. My daughter is 12 weeks old. I love it although it can be a bit heavy when folded and lifting it into the car but you get used to this. At the start I thought I would never manage it but now it is no bother. It is light to manoever though when you are out and about. I have a Toyota Corrolla Hatchback and it fits into my boot but I would definately not get another pram in with it as my boot is small enough. However my husband has a Volkswagon Passat and when the pram is in his car you would definately fit a buggy in with it so I suppose it depends on you car and the size of the boot. When the carrycot part of the pram in it the pram is bulkier. When this is removed it folds down neater. Overall though I would recommend this pram. Its a great buy and my daughter is really comfortable in it whether it is the carrycot way or the car seat in on top. To top it all off it is a gorgeous design.
  • We have the 3D and a Ford Escort estate with a fairly large boot, and my parents have a Citroen Picasso which has a big boot - both of which would fit the pram and a small lightweight buggy, but not much else unless it went on top, which would be difficult in a car which isn't an estate or people carrier.

    If you have a smaller car than these you probably won't fit 2 prams in the boot. My son is coming up to 8 weeks and around 13lbs (!) and doesn't fit the pram part of the pushchair - something to bear in mind before purchasing if you end up with a big baby. I love the 3D but wish I could have my baby facing me still, and I'm tempted to buy a Loola for that reason now.
  • My daughter was only 3lb 12oz when she was born as she was born 5 1/2 weeks early. She is 12 1/2 weeks now and is only 9lb odds. Getting her weighed tomorrow. I do know what you mean about your baby getting big in the pram part as I can see my daughter definately getting bigger in it and wont be in it much longer. It would be something to bear in mind if you had a big baby. I was lucky that I am getting so long out of it and it is great having your baby facing you.
  • I would suggest seeing if you can try it in your car boot. I have a Saab 93 saloon and a Bugaboo chameleon (which is quite big when folded) and I would have no problem getting a stroller in at the same time. My little girl will be 22months when I have this baby and everyone I have spoken to says that she will be too small for a buggy board so it might be worth seeing if you could try one of those before buying too.
  • i have the loola, folds up small, brill pushchair/pram my little boy is 20 weeks old now and its nice to have him facing me, plus with all the wind and cold air about he's well shielded from it all facing that way, i liked the look of the 3d but when it came to it, it was just that little 2 big when folded, i have a ford focus
  • Yep I agree about the pram bit being on the small side, Rhys was 9lbs 1/2oz and was almost to big beforehe got in it!
  • Yep I agree about the pram bit being on the small side, Rhys was 9lbs 1/2oz and was almost to big beforehe got in it!
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