Anyone finding pregnancy slightly freaky?


I love being pregnant and am so, so happy about it - I love feeling my baby move too (I'm 18+5). Just one question though, does anybody else feel slightly freaked out by being pregnant sometimes? I feel anxious and freaked out occasionally especially when I'm feeling the baby move and I feel awful for admitting it. It soon passes and then I feel all maternal and love being pregnant again. Maybe its my hormones. I'd love to hear about anyone else who feels like this and to hear any advice you might have. Is this normal?



  • I have to admit it is the most bizarre feeling when the baby moves, especially when it kicks - I sort of feel as though I'm having an out-of-body experience or something!! But its great as its so reassuring, when we're still waiting for the next scan on Monday! Just not sure I want that much reassurance at 3.50am when I really need to sleep!!!
  • It is a bit scary when he kicks, it doesnt half make me jump sometimes. I felt my first movements last week and still don't feel very many because at my scan on monday, I found out I have an anterior placenta so not likely to feel really hard kicks until 25 weeks or so according to MW. I agree it is freaky like having an alien inside you! :lol: But a fantastic feeling nonetheless...
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  • Isn't it amazing that our bodies can do this though! I feel at times overwhelmed and then quite grossed out by it. I'm not feeling any movements yet (16 weeks tomorrow) but am sure will be weird when I do. But the whole concept of having a baby inside me is quite freaky.
  • i find that being pregnant is honestly the most bizarre thing i have ever done. Have not really enjoyed it as was really sick until 14wks, been in hospital twice for bleeding and have put 1.5 stone on, all at the front, so back is in agony and baby seems to sit on a nerve which makes my leg really sore and stiff.
    that said - I still can hardly believe that i'm growing a little person inside me - especially when i feel him/her moving around. I think its the most amazing thing in the world, but it is hard work, and i'm ready to meet junior now, but have still got ages to go (am 29+3).

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  • hi im new to this site my partner suggested joinind as im completely freaked about pregnancy, yet here i am 11 week s occording to my doc, but ive a scan soon to know for sure. im really freakd by it, im excited but scared. sometimes ive woken up and wondered if this litle baby is still there. you may think thats silly, but im gonna be a mum at twenty years old and know very little about what feels right and what dont.:\?
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