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im really worried

hi all
im really worried as people keep telling me about how ill they felt and how there sense of smell made them gag at loads of stuff but although i feel sick sometimes mainly at night its nothing major and smells dont really effect me im worried somethings wrong im 10 weeks on friday



  • Hi! Don't worry - everyone experiences the symptoms of pregnancy differently. Some of my friends had pretty much no symptoms at all and have wonderful, healthy kids. Others (and unfortunately I'm included in this) have suffered with just about everything!!! You may start to get some symptoms in the next few weeks so make the most of feeling great! Do you have a scan booked soon?

    Helen xxx

  • Don't worry Sez. Although I'm not an expert (only 8+6 with first baby!) I know a couple of friends and also my sister who had no symptoms whatsoever during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, it doesn't mean anything's wrong. Think yourself lucky that smells etc don't make you gag! I can't even brush my teeth without retching, it's horrible. If you're really worried phone your mw but I'm sure everything's fine, you're just one of the lucky ones! Big hugs xxxxxxxxxxx
  • don't worry. morning sickness affects everyone differently. I only had it for 2weeks and then lost all symptons, other people don't have anything at all. You should be lucky that you don't have anything because it isn't very nice. It one sympton i could have definately done without!
  • I still get ill and I'm 17+5 actually just a minute ago. And I dont even need to smell anything.

    Class yourself as lucky that you feel better. I know it's easy for me to say. But try not to wory too much. Wait till you get a scan. I'm sure there is nothing to worry about. A friend of mine just had a healthy baby boy. And she had no cravings,morning sickness or any other pregnancy symptoms.

    Alright for some!!!!
  • Hi Sez

    Try not to worry. I have had very few symptoms ( just feeling slighty ill in the evenings) and had covinced myself that I wasn't pregnant - even going as far as doing another four tests after I found out.

    I felt exactly the same as you and was convinced something was wrong. Had my scan on Friday and baby was there and all ok, so please try not to worry hon.

    Hopefully your scan is not too far away now, and that will put your mind at rest.

    Take Care

    Sam xxx
  • I was really lucky and although my sense of smell was heightend in first few months, I had hardly any sickness just retched a little first thing. I'm 37 weeks now and have had no problems whatsoever so don't worry
  • Everyone is different - smells never affected me and i didn't get sick either...just random hunger and some nausea and then horrible heartburn... i've got through i dunno how many bottles of gaviscom!!

    Try not to worry although i know its easier said than done!
  • hey hun - dont be worrying yourself i have had no sickness at all and the ive only once smelt something and felt sick. i havent had no symptoms for weeks now either. i know it can be worrying because i did until i spoke to so many ladies who were also the same as me. i think we need to count ourselves lucky lol i know im grateful i havent got any pg symptoms xxxx
  • hi gorls thank you for your replies my scan is on the 28th dec i will feel alot better once i have that im just manic about everythin and i am really pleased im not throwing up as im a right wimp lol

    thanks again girls

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