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Train your lazy man!!! (do not show this to your oh)

Ok ladies I reckon that lots of women have the same probs with oh as I do and its about time that we took a stand!!!!!

My hubby has 3 main tasks in our house and I do everything else. All I ask him to do is the washing up (I cook), empty the kitchen bin and clean out cat litter. What drives me mad is that he leaves dishes to "soak" in sink - and they are still there 2 days later complete with stagnant water - just the smell makes me heave! When I tell him to finish the job properly he says that I should just be grateful that he does anything at all as he's a man and is not bred for housework - flippin cheek!!! Since I got preg he is no more help at all but spends a lot of time promising shelves and other things that never get done (latest idea is converting our cellar into a pub...never mind that the nursery needs doing grrr). If i nag he tells me to stop being a pain but i also get told that if i don't ask i don't get. V confused - bottom line is that he doesn't want to help me out or care that things like lugging hoovers up n down stairs and other such thinngs are bad idea when preg. Also have 4 yr old daughter so hard work tidying up after the 2 of them (he comes in the door and chucks his coat on the floor for f**ks sake - even our lil girl hangs her coat up).

I was talking to a male friend of mine who seems to be perfect (seriously he does all cooking cleaning and constantly buys lil pressies for is wife) and he told me how his wife "trained" him. Listen up ladies, we could all try this en mass and report results hee hee...

Instead of nagging him when he left clothes around or didn't put stuff away, his wife would wordlessly put it all in a black binbag when he wsn't looking and then hide it. He thought that he'd won n taught his woman that nagging is pointless...until he couldn't find his stuff. She refused to wash his clothes unless in wash basket etc and after a while he ran out of clean clothes, couldn't find shoes that he hadn't put on rack, books went missing etc. She stood firm and when he mentioned his missing stuff she presented him with the binbags she had filled and calmly told him that next time it all goes out for the binmen. now he puts his washing in the basket not on the floor, puts his clean washing away, cleans up after himself...genius!!! She did all this 6 yrs ago and to this day, if she finds anything of his lying around and not put away, out comes the binbags!!!! He is now perfectly happy in a house where she does most of the washing ironing etc but he appreciates the importance of looking after his own stuff to make her life slightly easier.

The key is apparently that this approach will not work with nagging - all actions must be undertaken without a word or the man won't get the all important sense of victory (hooray she stopped nagging me - she must have learned that it doesn't work) followed by the sudden realisation that we women do a hell of a lot more around the house than they even think (and of course the realisation that we will not do it thanklessly any more - if it isn't put away we will bin it!!!).

I vote for trying this approach - I have tried everything from shouting to going on strike (the house is disgusting and he doesn't care cos he can still find the stuff he threw on the floor a week ago) to offering sexual favours in return for housework (very sad I know and weirdly it didn't work!!!!).

Sorry this is a really long post hope i'm not too boring!!! I think this might just work y'know - picture tidy house while all the mans discarded dirty washing or random stuff previously found on floor is stored neatly in a cupboard in a binbag ready for that inevitable day that it dawns on him that things are going to change!!! The evidence would sggest that this really works - what does everyone think????


  • I think it's amazing! Dunno about everyone else but I'm starting it today! What a brilliant idea... The woman in question deserves some kind of award!!
  • I'm off to get my bin liners out!!!!
  • lol would love to try it but he aint got much and he does the washing lol the only thing he'd really miss were his car kleys which he puts down and forgets where they are so thats not going to work lol might try this after bubba born when i am a lil more house proud lmao
  • I will take what i learnt today into my head. ut I must admit for people that never planend a baby my bf is very very good at this. He cooks and cleans and does the washing.and he will hang the washing cause i cant bend well with this SPD and very large bump. And he doesnt even move from the bed when I'm asleep in the day so that he doesn't disturb me.

    Lets hope this continues after the baby has been born as well.
  • thats brilliant!!my oh does do dishes, but leaves them til theres no more plates etc and then decides to clean them, and then takes 2 hours to do them, because he rinses them all first (bearing in mind this is every single item of cutlery, crockery we own, which is quite a lot), then he has to lay out dishcloths out to dry them on cause he cant work the draining tray apparently (had it upside down on first use and this has since put him off!).. i would give in and do them myself, but apart from putting out the bins, this is his only task so i refrain from just doing them myself, so he has his place in the house hold chores lol. he did try to do washing once but put his dirty stuff in the machine when it had wet stuff in it that had just finished spinning!!so i think im best just dealing with the more complicated things like washing machines myself! that woman is a genius, i dont know whether id have the guts to carry it through tho, but i might give it a try cause he does really expect his shirts to be washed and ironed (and layed out) before work and asks me where are his pants, socks etc!! (em just call me MOTHER). would love to hear if anyone else tries it and what happens. x
  • :lol:

    My oh is like that, but tbh I'm not the tidiest person in the world so we work quite well together! I do the jobs he hates (cooking/cleaning...I actually love cooking) and he does the ones I hate (hoovering/taking bin out)!

    What I don't understand is...why do men walk straight past the washing basket and then take their socks off & throw them on the floor??? x
  • Wonder if it works on teenagers aswell?????

    Sara x
  • I think that story is brill! How do you cope with a man that is TOO tidy though (close to OCD lol)? He notices everything and cracks on doing it (except the toilet I hasten to add!) but I end up feeling guilty coz have been so tired. Should I just lay back and let him carry on?
  • im the one thats lazy and don't like to do house work[ we live with my grandparents at mo so not much work i have to do any way, but as soon as we got our flat it will soon change] any who my oh likes to make sure things are to his standard if not he moans at me. so i hold my hands up to being a bit of a slob.i feel guilty about it but i just don't have the motivation i mean i do do housework and stuff just prob not as much as i should do. coz i dont work and am due in march im gonna have one hell of a job on my hands keeping a flat in order looking after a baby and my bloke. with my motivation it's gonna be like one big mission.
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