worried !

i have a m/w appointment tommorrow and am so worried as i am getting my blood test results back. and i am worried about my 20 week scan a week on monday incase their is any abnormalities ect did anyone else feel this way ?


  • hi hun i felt the same as u when i was going back for my 20 week scan & blood test results but the way i saw it was if there was anything wrong they should contact us before the scan to make sure we have the right care. hope this helps xxx
  • Hey hun I felt that way about the 20 wk scan, I didn't have the blood test as I knew it would make me worry plus I'm only 19 so low-risk...plus the abnormalities detected by the bloods can be detected almost as well on the 20-week scan (altho neither are 100%).
    I was terrified going into my scan but everything is fine so far, so try and not worry although I know its easier said than done!! x
  • Try not to worry yourself, the way i thought was, i cannot wait to see lo inside me wigling about, its much more clear at 20 wks x
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