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Merry Christmas to all new mummies and us mummies to be!

I hope you all have a lovely christmas, for those of you who have your lo's enjoy.xxxx

For us who are still waiting for that first contraction or some sign, I wish you all a smooth labour (well here's hoping). I look forward to posting "MY LO has arrived!!!"

All the best.




  • merry christmas everyone!

    hope theres not too many of you in hospital tomorrow, cant imagine the xmas dinner being much cop lol

  • Merry Christmas!! All the best to everyone, looking forward to some more December babies arriving very soon!

  • Merry Christmas everyone, hope the remaining december babies put in a timely apperance!

    Have a fab day

    Obi & Philip
  • Are we placing bets then as to who has a Christmas baby?!
    Merry Christmas to bumps/babies and their mummies!
    Ali and Gracie xx
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