Car crash

I'm 6+ 5 days pregnant and just had a car crash, some1 slammed into me whuch has thne shunted me into some1 else. I'm hurting but my may concern is that a) at least lo wasn't in the car with me B) wat about my bean i'm so scared that this could cause a mc and on xmas eve doc wont see me cause apparently nothing he can do to check bub and EPU is closed. i'm so scared.


  • Hi Lilacjlh,
    Where do you hurt? Are you having stomach pains? At nearly 7 wks the baby is very well protected and unlikely to have be harmed but if you are worried you could call A&E and ask them if they could check for you - i'm sure they would be able to scan you there?
  • hurting in general areas fora crash neck shoulder, i'm feelingcrampy but i think that casue i'm worried and its sore cause my seatbelt was across my lap.
    I don't wanna waste time at a&e unless start bleeding just can't help thinkin the worst and even if i don'tmc could it lead to deffects (sorry couldn't think of a better word)
  • Hi

    I'm actually gatecrashing as I've had my LO but wanted to come and reassure you as I have been where you are now.

    I was involved in two separate car accidents while pregnant and LO was fine.

    The first one was my fault, I went into the back of someone else and I was very early in my pregnancy at the time. It was kinda severe though, I hit a van at 40mph coming off a motorway. I didn't even get checked out after that one as I just knew bump was ok.

    The second one I was hit by a lorry from behind. That one was more severe as there was more force involved. I was 34 weeks at this stage and went to the hospital after waiting an hour and not feeling much movement. Got to the hospital and had the fright of my life when they couldnt find a heartbeat but after a few minutes they did and everything was fine. So please don't be worrying, deep down you will know whether anything is wrong. I did although for the second accident I allowed my brain to overrule my heart, thinking that was such a big accident something must be wrong, even though in my heart I knew it was all ok.

    If you still have concerns, as the others say get yourself to A&E, they wont make you feel like you're wasting their time, in fact they made us feel very important and put us to the top of the queue. It will take them no time at all to give you a quick scan and if it will allow you to relax and enjoy your Christmas it is definitely worth it.

    I'm sure everything is ok, but you look after yourself and bump, do what you need to do and merry christmas, I'll keep an eye in this forum to see how things go xx
  • It's Christmas eve, i would go to A+E. You have been in a car accident so they will not think you are wasting time and that way when they confirm that it is all OK you can still enjoy the Christmas period. If you were my partner I would be so stressed that a few hours in A+E would be worth it for peace of mind. I'm pretty sure all A+E departments have ultrasounds and it will be easy for them to give you a quick scan.

  • Im sorry to hear you were involved in an accident.

    I just deleted what I last wrote so will write down briefly what it said...

    1) baby is 6-7wks and therefore is usually still low in pelvis. If seatbelt across lap it is higly unlikely to have caused any harm.
    2) a+e should have ultrasound or will acquire from another department
    3) I doubt the EPU will be closed just because of Christmas.
    4) if worried ring A+E or attend A+E as they often have an out of ours GP there you can see. It will be best for you to get checked out rather spending your chiristmas worrying. You dont want to cause yourself mroe stress.
    5) also you wont be wasting their time. Im sure you will be a far more interesting patient than the drunken ones that come in on Christmas eve!!

    Take care xxx

  • I know this is a little late luvvy and I am so sorry to hear that you have suffered, I hope everything goes okay and that there will be plently of fluid as the baby is still so little to protect it.

    I just wanted to let you and everyone know I've just got a bump belt, It only costs ??20 and it moves the bottom belt from across your tummy to your lap at the tops of your legs. I got it as I am newly pregnant and have wanted this child for what seems like forever and a few months before I got pregnant some idiot ramed into the back of my car which really shook me up and it made me relise it really doesnt matter how careful I am I can not control other drivers.

    It's a real investment you can find them on the net or in a LARGE mothercare the littleones told me they didn't exsist. I am sorry this is late for you honey but I thought it would be useful to leave this information here for others to be aware and think about!

    Lots of lovely thoughts being sent your and babies way and I really hope that your both okay! xx
  • thanks for every1 replies unfortunatly things got worse on christmas day and i started bleeding bright red blood went down a&e as epu is closed for xmas, unfortunalty all they could do is confirm i am pregnant, but couldn'tdo a scan as no1 was there to do it- gotta love the NHS!
    So i got sent home to wait till thur to go to epu for a scan.
    Bleeding did stop yesterday but have had some very sharp pains so am assuming the worse is probably happening!

    My belt unfortunatly was already across the top of my leg/lower pelvis so nothing could have been done to prevent hurting myself and my bean. I'm now trying to cope with "crash injuries" as well as a possible mc.

    On the bright side i have a beautiful daughter already who is my shinning star and has really been perfect and looking after her mummy today- it amazes me how children can know when u r suffering and try to cheer u up and my dh who is giving me those knowing looks and smiles and a hug when he sees me sad

    sorry for the ramble.xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Jenna
    Just saw you posts about your car crash, am really really hoping everything's ok, it's bad enough having a car crash anytime but it must be really worrying for you, it sounds positive though that the bleeding has stopped. I can't give much advice but I would go back and insist on a scan if pains continue, you'd hope after today they'll have full staff back on and will pull their fingers out.
    I really hope all goes well.
    Leanne x
  • thanks i'm trying can't stop crying thou, this christmas is the worse in history!!!
    Wish i could go private but every1s off for christmas. just gotta wait till tomorrow i guess......really can't believe this is happening!!!
  • Sorry to hear what you are going through hun. Thinking of you xxx
  • Just read your posts and really sorry to hear what you've gone through. I hope you get got good news today and also hope you recover from the crash as soon as poss.

    take care hun
  • hi just wanted to say hope everything goes ok tomorrow, please let us know x
  • So sorry to hear what happened to you Jenna, really hope things are ok for you tomorrow. Helen xxxxx
  • OMG I am sooo sorry to hear about your accident. Please please let us know you are ok after your scan babe. Am keeping everything crossed for you that all is well.
    Love Lee xxxxx
  • has any one heard anything from Jenna yet? x
  • good luck Jenna i know your lil bean will be strong and the blood was not from them but jsut usual early pregnancy bleed. you didn't mention clots which if your miscarrying usually happens pure red blood doesn't mean baby has gone just that body has reacted to the shock let us know ASAP fingers toes and body parts crossed on both me and lil bear for you
    HUGE hugs
    Debz n lil bear
  • Thank you all for msgs i've been for my scan and for the moment all is well!!! Bean is holding on tight to meet us and is even a little younger than thought at only 5 weeks +. there was no heart beat but thats to be expected however its nice and clear in the sack and u can see our bean!
    I'm still bleeding and very sore and the internal has caused a few clots to come away but i'm just gonna have to wait and see got another scan in 3 weeks so hopefully it'll still be there.

    Christmas was a bit crap but hopefully new year will be more positive!!
  • im so pleased for you babe try and keep that PMA i know its hard and i cant even begin to imagine the worry ur going through right now im keeping everything crossed for you babe and sending lots of sticky baby glue to you xxxxxxx
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