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january 21st baby is here!!!

hi everyone baby Keelan arrived early, he was born on the 23rd of dec at 7.30pm, weighing 5lb 4oz, everything perfect.
It all Started on friday 21st, when thought my waters had broke, i was admitted to hospital, then discharged on saturday morning, as they thouht it was just fluid leaking. I went home happy as i had presents to wrap etc. i went out on my partners staff do saturday evening, enjoyed myself, but felt uncomfortable. I was home for 12am, and fluid started leaking heavier, so foned the hospital on sunday moring and was told to come straight up.
I arrived at hospital @ 12pm and admitted for the 2nd time they thought i was in early labour as i was having contractions every 5 mins, by 6pm i was told that i have group b strep, which could pass to baby and needed to be induced and given antibiotics thru IV, by 6.45pm i was brought to labour ward, by the time i got there the contractions were coming faster, i was 6cm dilated, then b4 they even tried to induce me, i started pushing to be told that i shouldnt, they checked me and told me the baby's head was coming, was puffing on gas and air at this stage, then within 10 mins Keelan was born. I was so quick they couldnt believe it, i had no pain relief only the gas and air. it was so quick, 1st stage labour was 4 hrs 25 mins, 2nd stage ws 5 mins and 3rd stage 3 mins!!!!!! unbelievable. Keelan was fine no problems and we were discharged on xmas morning!!!
Im so glad its all over now, i still havent started maternity leave as i on 2 weeks holidays until 7th january!! good luck to all who still have to deliver, take care xx

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  • congratulations jellybaby, I remember speaking to you before about your waters and been wondering how you been getting on. Congratulations on little baby and glad your were home for xmas what a present!!!!

    Good luck xxx
  • Congratulations! I am very jealous, it is my due day today and don't think my lo is going to make an appearance =(
    Can't wait to meet him! Sounds like you had a fantastic birth, hope I have something similar!

    Liz x
  • Aw!!!!
    Congratulations hun, and what a gorgeous name!
    Thats fab that he didn't have to stay in! I'm due 4 weeks after you so guess I had better pull my finger out and get sorted now! Keep thinking I have ages left!
    Congrats again and god bless,
    32 weeks xxxxx
  • Congrats on getting your bubba early, also very jealous as am now overdue!

    Enjoy and happy new year to you.xx
  • Oh well done and i love the name! I had a speedy birth too and i was only in the hospital 55 minutes when i had my lo and its great being so fast as you recover so much quicker too! xxx
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