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help! pains...

i'm workin on my first little baby, and i'm just about 37 weeks,
and i've started getting these pretty bad pains in my belly.
like sharp, cramping.
anyone know what it is?


  • does it feel like period cramps? are you getting any pains in your lower back?

    Could search for early labour, or false labour or could be wind?
  • it feels like period cramps sometimes, but worse.
    and yeah i get the back pains, but they aren't as bad as the stomach ache.
    it just feels like i have built up gas, or something.. but thats not it at all! it's not very pleasant.
  • Time them and see if they are coming regularly, sounds like it could be contractions! Let us know how you get on!

    Liz x 40+1
  • labour pains feel like period pains at first then get much worse , closer together and longer each time. sometimes you can feel sick, have diaahorea as well (body clearing out before labour) so watchout for these things, if it continues i would phone labour ward just to be sure.
  • does it feel like alot of pressure pulling on your belly?
    cuz thats what it feels like to me, bad cramps and pressure.
    haha i feel like a dork because i don't know what the pains are, but i guess i gotta learn some how!
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