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85% sex pediction on a scan

Do you think 85% is something i should go by for the sex of my baby or do i still keep an open mind??


  • 85 % pretty high!! particularly if they think its a boy??x
  • I think 85% is quite high- not too many people are going to say 100% or close to it just in case. With my first however the sonographer said we were having a boy and when I asked her how sure she was she said she would bet her career on it!!!
  • I was 24 weeks when i had the scan. I already have 3 girls and was told this was 85% girl. But on the otherhand whoever sees me says its a boy. I am due in 8 days but the wait is killing me.
  • Ohhh dani86 your story has got me worried now.
    I had my 20weeks scan when I was 19weeks.. and I was told its a boy, and i know I saw somwthing between legs.... but like you said in might have still been swollen a lot at 19weeks.
    So after reading your story Im wondering if they are right for me????????
    Has this happened to other people where their scan was before 22-26 weeks and they scan was wrong??? Im panicing now as bought loadsa boys things.. Eeeekkk
    Caz xx
    26 +3
  • Well I have done lots of google searches to find scan pics of boys to see how obvious it is... and im sure from what i remember that I am deff gonna have a boy..
    Still love to hear others stories of if the scan was wrong at 20 weeks.
    caz x
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