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Baby in Worcester

Hi everyone. I am new to the board and wanted to say hello. I am expecting my first baby in July and I was curious if anyone here knows what is the best hospital in the Midlands? I have heard horror stories about Worcester and was curious if anyone had any to tell as well?
Any advice would be appreciated.



  • I have had 2 babies in Worcester and both experiences were fantastic!
    The place was clean, midwives were lovely and i wouldnt hesitate in going there again.
    Actually i just spent a week on the childrens ward with my youngest as he had pneumonia and everyone was great there too.
    You can book in to have a look around which should put your mind at ease.
    At the end of the day, nowhere is perfect and childbirth can be unpredictable, there will be good and bad experiences everywhere, but most people are fine.

    Where are you closest too?
  • I had my lo in Worcester on 19th december and have heard some pretty horrible stories myself, however i can honestly say it was no where near as bad as i was expecting. 98% of the midwifes i encounterred on delivery & post-natal were really good, the auxilleries were really helpful and contrary to what i had heard previously the ward was kept very clean.

    Think it may depend on which shift you get & how busy they are but my mw stayed with me from when she came on shift at 7.30am ish (i think!) through the birth & until i went to post natal at 2pm, before she came on i was in an assessment room most of the night & didn't really see anyone, but as i wasn't in established there wasn't a lot anyone could do anyway!

    There are good stories as well as bad, sadly the good ones don't get told as often as the bad ones!

    Good luck wherever you decide to go

  • Hi
    My youngest son was born there.
    I was in premature labour at 34 weeks and had a lovely midwife. Things were going well, until the cord came down in front of baby's head. The alarm sounded and the room filled with people and every single person new their place. My mum said that she was amazed at how efficient they all were and i was whisked to theatre for emergency c.
    i am sure that if it were not for the competent staff that night, my son would have died.
    Now I am 27 weeks pregnant and have been admitted 3 times already. The mw has been really nice and reassuring each time.
    There will always be horror stories when it comes to labour and birth. each labour and birth is unique. Maybe if you take the chance to visit, then it will help you to decide where is best for you.
    Good luck hun x
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