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hi ladies me and my partner have nice little modern flat with housing association called moat we dont own it but pay ground rent. does anyone know weather they would move us when i get pregnant as im very worried because our flat is very small and cant wait to have my first child but worried about the room does anyone else have a flat or house with housing association and know the policy of rehousing. any advice ladies x


  • hi crystal as it is a one bedroom they wont actually be in a rush to move you. Your best bet is to speak to them before birth and see your rights, you will also be put onto a housing transfer register for when properties do come up but is based on needs. I hope this helps for you. We are in same situation and have been waiting to move since youngets was born but still no luck. We live in a 2 bedroom flat which is on the 11th floor and have 2 little girls with one on way. They have said they will move us when baby is born but we wont know when yet. We are also housing associon.

    The other thing you could do is register with a site called homeswapper and you can find mutual exchanges.

    Hope this helps
  • thanks hun that helps trying ttc but planing ahead so i know what to expect. alot people have said why have a baby if you know you aint got room but not everyone is in situation to buy bigger propertys or get mortgage i get good deal where i am and not only that but if that were case people in our situation would end up not having kids at all thanks hun x x
  • Hi Crystal,

    I work for a housing association as a housing officer so i deal with lettings all the time. You say you pay ground rent, I presume your not on shared ownership ? The best thing I can recommend is that you get your name down on a transfer list ASAP ! But let me put it this way, I work for one of the largest Housing Assocations in the country and our waiting list for a 2 bed flat is over 5 years, anything bigger and its over 11 years !! My advice would be if you can be really really flexible about the area you want and the type of property then you have more chance of being rehoused. Also put your name down with any other housing assocations in the area and the local authority too !!

    Dunno if that helped !

  • thanks hun that does help. iv just been bit worried cos its just me and my partner and when we get pregnant we dont want leave it all till last min. the flat were in is lovely modern but very very small. thanks for that hun. x
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