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what can i eat/not eat when breastfeeding?


i am breastfeeding my 10 day old baby, i keep forgetting to ask midwife about things i shouldn't eat when breastfeeding, i know you should continue to stay away from peanuts but i keep reading different things, some say to eat as you did when you were preg, so avoid things like soft cheese, mayo etc and others say just eat balanced diet!

Is it now ok to eat everything? how about spicy food? i've heard it can give them upset tummy!! and MIL says i shouldn't eat grapes!!!!??????!!

Help! i'm dying to have some stilton cheese LOL


  • Hiya i just eat what i want - as my mw said what do you think indian and chinese mums eat lol - stay away from windy things like cabbage and broth i found out lol, just think what gives you wind will probably give baby! i ate alot of strawberries and my lo came out in a rash so i figured he mite be allergic to strawberries! but you dont know till you try!
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