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2 Week Wait is Over!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hi all just wanted an update on all those that had the 2 week wait to test over the new year, how are we all getting on, how do we feel.
Me myself dont think ive made although still have fingers crossed, i have started to have brown bits when wipe like old blood (sorry TMI) , this usually symbolises the start of period. Athough i usually have a 28 cds cd1 being 30th Nov, so am currently running late, pain on my left hand side has now moved to my right havent got a clue what this means, and the only symptom i seems to have got other than being sick after my lasange the other night is im tired, i have tested once but got a big fat BFN, but last time test didnt show pos for nearly 3 months, will give you update in a couple of days time, hope others are having more luck than me. Sticky Baby Dust to all!!!!!!


  • Hi, My 2ww is over, but nothing- no sign of being pg or that af is on her way?!!? Oh how our bodies like to trick us.
    When are you testing again? I did one about 10 mins ago, bfn as was yesterdays. Got a digital one but was trying to save that till i had a pos on a cheapy one!

    Good luck.
  • Hello my 2ww is over too. Did a cheapy asda test yesterday and got a bfn. No signs of af. No doubt witch will turn up unannounced to throw me. I am waiting for my ebay tests to arrive (fingers crossed tomorrow) before testing again. AF and tests will probably turn up on same day!

    Good luck everyone - babydust to all.
  • HHhhhmmmmppphhhhh I'm also due on and feel so moody aswell as eating chocolate like a pig after truffles (well thats exactly like me actually). Have poas last 3 days and got a BFN each day even when I prayed, thanked santa and gave cash to charity!!
    Hey ho don't think I'll test tomorrow as feel so low.....
  • Thanks for replying
    Done two tests so far, BFN on both and usually so reg so maybe AF just going to play tricks with me this month, Probably going to test again in a couple of days as i dont want to run out of tests.
    Fingers crossed to all of you.
  • Each day I get so depressed when I see a BFN I spend the morning ranting at everyone and being a total cow. Then I say right no tests tomorrow - I will wait for Af or at least a few days before poas again.
    Only prob is by morning I've convinced myself maybe the 24hrs will have made a difference and maybe it will show and oh bugger may as well have a look........ back to beginning.............
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