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OH NO I had no idea....

hi, im about 8 weeks and ive known since mid december but on christams eve i dyed my hair using a chemical permanent solution. when browsing through this sight i read that these can cause harm to your unborn child aaaaaaarrrrrggh i had no idea, what should i do? :\?


  • I used a dye last time when I was pregnant (I didn't know you weren't supposed to) but nothing came of it
  • I dont think you should stress too much about it. i dont think there is any evidence it is dangerous, im sure that it would be in the big book of no nos if it was. i dye my hair too and still am at 29 weeks. my hairdresser has not refused or mentioned any issues to me either.
  • Hi,hair dye can not cause any harm to your baby.
    While you are pregnant you are more likely to have an allergic reaction to it or your hair may come out the wrong shade of colour due to all the hormones kicking about. So always do a skin and strand test prior to colouring your hair.

    Forgot to say I'm a qualified hairdresser


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  • Don't worry, I think it's a load of crap sayin it harms the baby cos it goes on your hair, not in your mouth :roll: I had no idea either when I dyed my hair at 6 weeks or so. It can make it go a weird colour though! x
  • thankfully it came out the right colour and its all still there. guess i just got a bit worried when i saw that. cheers everyone.
  • my sister is a hair dresser and dyes pregnant womens hair all the time she says there nothing to worry about, the only thing is ,cause you are pregnant the die dusnt work as good as it would if you wasnt, dunno why!
    im booked in to have my hair done next week and am not worrying. xxx

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