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Should we book a holiday with a 1 week old baby?

Who thinks it would be a good idea for us to book a holiday (to Center Parcs which is about 2 hours away by car - I've heard they have good facilities for babies etc) I'm due 20th June.

We already have a 2 year old girl and oh is taking paid paternity leave which is only for 2 weeks. (1 week at home with newborn and 1 week away on hols) We can't really afford to loose extra time off. Bare in mind that I'll be breast feeding as I was quite successful last time. Anyway the questions are:

1) Is it a good idea for us to book a holiday to Center Parcs with a week old baby and 2 1/2 year old or is that just a disaster waiting to happen?

2) Who has been to Centre Parcs with little ones and are they're facilities for babies as good as they say they are???????

Thank you, Karys 16+4 weeks.


  • Hi,

    I would have thought you'd be fine, but don't forget that you might go overdue. That would be my only worry.

    I love Center Parc!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx
  • oh yes! I'm in a world of my own! i completely forgot i might go overdue! We'll have to think of a way round that one! Cheers.
  • Hi, I have a 4 day old and personally I'm not sure I would fancy going away anywhere with him just yet. Still finding our feet and getting into a routine at home - and trying to get sleep when we can! I was 4 days overdue so as Feb baby says it could be a bit close to your due date if you did go over.

    Center Parcs is fab though, maybe leave it for a few weeks after when you are a bit better recovered and can enjoy a nice massage etc at the beauty place there!

    Liz x
  • It sounds fine to me as long as ur not overdue lol! I don't think it's worth taking little ones abroad but center parcs should be fine! My oh's parents have a caravan which is about a 2 hour drive so we'll probably go down there for some of his paternity leave, get away from all the visitors lol x x x
  • A friend of mine went with her first when she was only a month old, and they had a wonderful time. I've been to CP lots of times and it is very baby friendly xxx
  • Actually, Liz has made a very good point about the recovery! I'm sure I wouldn't want to be paying for a holiday while feeling like crap and walking bow legged lol!! Also if you had to have a section it wouldn't be easy either...sadly births can't be predicted x
  • I'm kind of hoping that this one will be like my last. I felt great after the birth and lost all my weight within a couple of weeks. I really hope I don't have to have a c-section! I guess I could book it and see. If things don't go to plan we'll just have to lose the deposit I guess lol
  • We have a similar problem, we agreed to go away with my mum and dad this summer but now with us having a baby we are re-thinking it. I'm due 10th July so we plan to do something the end of august/beginning of september, but we don't plan to venture far! I think a break would be nice away from all the visitors!
  • Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to me - but then again I always play it safe. My worries would be (1) what if I am overdue? (2) What if I have a C-Section and they keep me in for 5 days plus recovery time at home? (3) What if there are minor complications either with me or baby? - e.g. bleeds or infection - would I want to be even two hours away from home/consultant? Centre Parks will still be there next year - enjoy your time off with baby and don't give yourself any extra stress is my advice.
  • Okay so in all honesty my first thought was 'Are you NUTS?!?!' but then thought I am being a tad judgemental as I am sure there are plenty of other people who could cope with going on hols with a week old baby, it's just that I'm not one of them!!!!!
    My questions (some of which have already been mentioned!) would be:
    1) What if you go overdue? I was 12 days over and had to be induced.... had an emergency c-sec and couldn't even walk for 3 days, and I had it easy compared to some!
    2) What if you have a c-sec, or complications?
    3) What if you or the baby needed to stay in hospital a bit longer?
    4) What if your other child reacts badly to the new baby arriving and spends the entire time having a tantrum about it? Or gets jealous that you are spending so much time breast feeding and not off having lots of fun with her on her holiday? (Sorry - not being judgement here or casting aspertions on your little one, just playing Devils Advocate!)

    I would just spend time at home with your new addition and enjoy your bigger family (you can always insist on no visitors at all til husband back at work and then it might seem like more of a holiday?).

    Good luck with whatever you decide xxx

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