20.5weeks and baby not moved for 2 days

hi do you think this is normal?baby has been very active for last few weeks and last 2 days i havent felt any movements atall!! it is my second baby and dont remember not feeling the first for this long..was going to phone hospital but dont want to seem paranoid if it is just quite normal, what would you do??



  • I think if i hadnt felt any movements i would be straight down to hopsital, even if i had felt faint movements, any change in movements needs checking out - i would go straight to your maternity unit to be on the safe side !!

  • Yeah I would defo call the hospital this happened to me a few times last time I was pregnant, thats what they're there for so dont feel as though your wasteing their time

  • hi just to let you all knowi phoned maternity and they said come in to check heartbeat, so me and my wee girl jumped in taxi and ??14 later we found that everything is absolutely fine, and she also let us hear blood flow to baby etc..she said ababy prob just jammed in to one side or something....she also said i was not being paranoid and i did the rigth thing by checking and not just sitting worrying, so to anyone else who is worying just go and check, it only takes a minute for them to put our mind at rest as lindsay said!

    so thanks for your help evryone x


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