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Help - something to worry about?


I'm so worried. After POAS to reveal 1 BFN and two BFP on Digital HPT this week, hubby and I got very excited that we are PG.

On Sat I had some brown blood, which I thought was my AF arriving but since have put down to implantation.

Problem is I have just been to the loo and when I wiped there was like streaks of old brown blood there. I MMC in Oct with our first (twins) and worrying this is the start of another MC>

Please help, I'm really scared. Is this somthing to worry about or can it be normal????

Thanks, Em xxxxxxx


  • If you are worried I would try and speak to the doctor in the morning but def get it checked out.
  • Don't worry if it's brown blood there's usually nothing to worry about. I bled with my first pregnancy. There were clots in there in the first few weeks and the blood was reddish brown. The midwife said if they get any bigger than a 50p piece then to go into A&E. They never did and the pregnancy went well.

    Also if you're not getting cramps also it should be fine. As everyone keeps saying every pregnancy is different and with this one I've not bled a single drop at all.

    Sure you'll be fine,
    Karys 17 weeks.
  • I hope so. My period type pains eased off yesterday but were replaced pretty much straight away with terrible lower back pain. I've been lying on0 a hot water bottle for most of today. Thanks for the reassurance but know I'm not going to sleep tonight image
  • Can you have signs of implatation on two separate days? No of course you can't! What a silly question!
  • Hi Em,
    Not sure if this will help you sleep but same thing happened to me and it WAS implantation. I was convinced i'd had (another) mc, i noticed a tiny bit of discoloured discharge(sorry if TMI!) on the sunday and by the Wednesday, it was brownish blood, tiny amounts but it lasted on an off for about a week in total. I was about 6 weeks pregnant and convinced of a mc (came home early from work, drank wine and smoked two cigarettes!) when OH convinced me to go to the EPU for a scan and to my complete surprise, it showed the sac had grown. It may not be a bad thing so see what the morning brings and book yourself into the EPU for a scan, they will see you especially as you have had previous mc. I am 20 weeks now with a baby boy so it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Good luck x x
  • Thanks JamTart. Will they scan though if I'm only 5 weeks as there wouldn't be a heartbeat then anyway would there?
    Glad your story has a happy ending. It's encouraging xxxxxxxx
  • P.S> How did you know the sac had grown - did you have a previous scan to compare it to? Cheers, Em xxxxxx
  • Yeah, i'd had a scan at about 4 weeks due to previous mc (they didn't believe me when i said i was pg!) and so had done some measurements of a teeny tiny sac and then gave me another scan as an emergency after the bleeding started. You could always lie and say you think you are 6 weeks if you think they won't... They should scan you though. They scanned me twice without a heartbeat. You need to put your mind at rest anyway, you should definitely go and demand it - be pushy and blame it on the hormones!!! Good luck hun, please let us know how it goes, i'm crossing everything for you x
  • hey em i know its worrying but there have been so many girls who have had bleeding, and its all been fine. just go for a scan and they will tell u that it is fine i'm sure, i know u will not be able to relax until u know but i think it will be fine especially as it is not heavy or fresh blood xxx
  • I'm not sure how a scan at this stage will help though, as there is nothing to compare it to and there def won't be a you think they will scan and scan again in a week? That's what they did last time with my twins but it didn't work out. I'm in such a mess. I feel like history is repeating itself. I know hubby is worrying too although he telling me to relax and wait and see how I am in the morning. xxxxxxxx
  • You can at least ask, they will be able to see if there is a sac and hopefully a yoke sac. At the very least they can do your bloods to see if the hgc has increased significantly, just push for some help tomorrow and stress your mental well being if they are unhelpful but i'm sure they won't be. The consultant i saw (later on) told me that most people have some bleeding early on, which surprised me and as you know, unless its red and or heavy, it may well be nothing to stress about and actually a good sign that things are implanting well. I know its really horrible but the chances of history repeating are pretty slim. Good luck sweetie x
  • is this what happened last time?? just a small amount of old blood and no pain?? is that why u r worried?? xx
  • Oh Jamtart you are so helpful - thank you. Think the bloods thing is a good suggestion to make if they don't want to do a scan - I've also had this done last time, where they take a sample and repeat 48 hours later. Yep, am going to be pushy I think if they're not helpful. Feeling as part of the furniture in the docs though as have been several times since MC in Oct! Will call GP tomo. Thanks. Feeling a bit more positive now.
    Hope you are all well xxxxxxxxx
  • Princess - last time was different. I had stabbing pains and a little bright red blood, which was a sign they said that the first twin had failed (their words). First emergency scan showed failed twin and 5.5mm with no heartbeat. They had to give this one a chance though so waited one week before re-scanningto see that there had been no growth. I wasn't hopeful anyway as for the same day as the second scan they had booked me into theatre for a D&C image

    Symptoms now are different but just thinking the worst. Getting some pain in my tummy now though...don't know what's worry/nerves and what's the PG anymore image

    Sorry to be so down and negative. I'm in such a state xxxxx
  • Bleeding in early pregnancy is very common. I bled (mainly brown blood) constantly from weeks 5-9 and then a seperate bleed at 11 weeks, so that definitely wasn't implantation. I had 2 early scans (6 weeks, and 9 weeks), and everything was fine, heartbeat and everything. But in between those scans I was still bleeding constantly and I just gave up pressing for blood tests, calling doctors, etc, because I felt like no-one cared cos I was so early. I just assumed I had miscarried tbh. I couldn't relax until about week 13.

    I'm sure everything is fine. At 9 weeks I was bleeding heavily and in pain and it was still fine, so it's all dependent on the baby. The nurse said that bedrest wouldn't make a difference and if I was going to go on to have a healthy pg it wouldn't matter if I went bungee jumping (I adopted this attitude! lol!)

    Basically just try to relax although it is hard, and press for a blood test. I did but my GP was unrelenting and said I was fine. Lazy old man. All it takes is a silly bit of blood so push them!! x
  • good luk hun xxx
  • Thanks girls...Not sure I'm in the mood for bungee jumping just yet though! I'm going to call the doc tomo definately. Should be getting their sample result tomo from today's FMU. Don't think doc believed that I was PG. Perhaps she had some foresight!

    Better find some more PMA soon or I'll be tossng and turning all night. Have been to the loo about ten times in the last hour checking!

    Thanks for listening Love Em xxxxxxxxx
  • i'm sure everything will be fine em as u said what u r experiencing is different from last time and sounds quite normal. there is no way u could NOT be pg as u have had 2 positive results!! why else would u have the hormones in ur body, i believe everything will be fine goodluck xxxx
  • Hi Em,
    Any news??

    Gem x
  • Been in hospital from 9am til 4pm.

    Basically I'm not PG anymore image

    Really heavy bleeding all day and very uncomfortable.

    So sad.

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