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Anyon else had blood glucose at 28 weeks?

I have been told that because I have PCOS (discovered at 5 and a half weeks due to early scan) that I have to have a blood glucose test at 28 weeks to test for diabetes.
Has anyone else had this done already? How did you get on?
Does anyone have gestational diabetes? How is it affecting you?

Worried again,
13 weeks.


  • i got told at my 20wk scan my baby was measuring big for dates and that i could have diabetes but the midwife checked my urine wen i saw her the other day she sed i dnt have no sugar in my urine but im still goin to ask to hav the test done wen i go for another growth scan wen im 28wk and also have my bloods done at the same time im 26wk now but measuring 28
  • My mw said I would be checked for diabetes around 30 weeks but said it was normal with all pregnancys. My close friend had gestational diabeties and she said all she really had to do was watch what she ate and have her bp taken more often image

  • Hey Mrs. E

    I wouldn't worry to much. I have PCOS and have been under the diabetes clinic since I was 10 weeks, I check my blood sugar 4 times a day and it is fine so far.

    I'm booked in for a glucose tolerance test on friday morning to check my body is processing sugar properly but I'm not concerned as I know they have been fine.

    If you do develop gestational diabetes you have to follow a careful diet limiting your sugar and carb intake (boring I need my choccy). Problems that can arise is that your baby gets big quickly and quite often they will induce you at 38 weeks, they worry about the babies shoulder getting stuck if it is big so they don't like you to have a home birth (which is my plan)...

    don't worry it's easy enough to deal with

  • Hi,
    I too was treated for PCOS to help conceive. I am now 29 +3 days.I had a fasting glucose test at 26 weeks as my BMI was greater than 30 pre pregnancy ( BMI was 31) . My results came back within normal limits.
    Try not to worry,
    Mary xx
  • Hi,
    Im 15weeks and have to go for blood glucose at 28wks, because mw said my bmi was above average and i could be at risk of gestational diabetes. Im finking of refusing tho I didnt have this last time and im not massively over weight and I dnt like been categorised. Kerry xxx
  • Hi Ladies,
    I had my test done on christmas eve, it was harmless, nothing to worry about. They checked me out as we have diabetes in every generation and on both sides of the family. Mine came back ok it was 5.5. The nurse's that carried out the test explained everything to me. All the best
  • My midwife has booked me in for one of these because I had follicle tracking before I got pregnant (due to having problems conceiving) during which they discovered I've got polysystic ovaries, though not PCOS. I think she's being mega over-cautious, but there you go. I was definitely not overweight before I got pregnant, & had no blood sugar related problems during my previous pregnancy.
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