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Is it bad luck to..

Can anyone tell me if its bad luck to ask people to be godmother and godfather before the baby is born??Not usually superstitious but just wondering.Also is anybody else bringing home cots,prams etc before baby is born as apparently its bad luck to have any sort of stuff for baby in the house. Just trying to get prepared but people trying to spook me :\?


  • i had all stuff for my first baby at home, i had the moses basket ext all set up,bottles sterilised ext, the only thing i didnt have at home was the pushchair and car seat i left them at shop till i went into labour then my sister went and picked it up for me on the day my daughter was born,


  • not sure on the Godparent thing. We're not asking anyone yet as i think it will put a few noses out of joint coz we'll be asking very close friends which will definately not go down well with OH's side of the family.
    I'm coming up 17weeks and coz it was in the sale we've now got a cot, wardrobe & drawer set (still boxed) in the 'baby's room"!!
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