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hey everyone

hey im kim, im 18 and have a little boy, Blake, who is 8months old. when i was pregnant it seemed there were hardly any young mums on here and now ive only just started coming on this site again and there are lots of you to chat to! anyone wanna chat about anything feel free cos i dont know any mums really so would be nice to have a yap x x x


  • Hiya Kim, I'm 21 and pregnant with 1st baby am due on 27th June and can't wait i am super excited! Ur little boy looks really cute!

    Lizzy xxx
  • Hiya, Im sam, 20 and mum to 3 month old Jayden x
  • hi im abbi im 18 and i also have a lil baby boy called jayden,hes 6 weeks old now.
    if anyone has msn maybe we could all chat on there,feel free to add me its..... [email protected]
    hope to chat soon
    abbi x
  • Hay ladies,
    Im 21 and 16weeks pregnant and have a little boy (rhys) whos 17months old. Really tired and busy at do moment coz doing a hnd in business management so uni and children is really wearing me out. Will be all done in june tho just in time for my new baby on 2nd july. Kerry xxx
  • Hey kimmi,

    Am 22 and ttc our first....month 3, still no luck! image

    Is there no a young mom group in your area?

    Glad to chat to you on here though, although not a mummy yet, hope i soon will be!

  • heya everyone, my msn is [email protected] if anyone wants to chat on there. thanks lizzy, he aint so cute when im trying to get him to sleep in his cot lol, he turns into a devil baby hehe. sammy and abbi, jayden is a lovely name - my little sister says thats what she would call a boy when she has children. kerry you must be busy!! good luck with the hnd. sweetangelemma, im feeling broody again now but oh says he doesnt want to start ttc until Blake is about 2...but i think it may take ages then there could be a big age gap. good luck to you and your oh. i think there is a young mums group somewhere near me but unfortunately most younger mums here fit the stereotype of only having babies for the state benefits and not because the children are wanted so i tend not to associate myself with them x x x
  • Hi Kim & everyone,
    I'm 21 & 29+2 weeks pregnant with my first (and one & only!). This is a great wee website, I never realised there were so many different topics could come from the word 'pregnancy'.

    Anyway hope all is well with everyone
    Lauren xo
  • Hey everyone,
    I'm Philippa, I'm 19 & 25 weeks pregnant with my first baby, a boy! Doesn't sound like anyone on this post has a girl lol, I've always had the theory that younger mums have boys. I'm just really looking forward to having mine here now.
    x x x
  • Hi there my name is adele and i am 25 i av 2 girls and am expecting my 3rd baby, hope every one is keeping well. xxx
  • hey every1 i'm gemma i'm 19 and 21 weeks pregnant wit my second baby. i have cameron who is 13 months old so it wud be nice to get to know other young mums so any 1 wanan chat my msn is [email protected] just add me . speak soon every 1 xxxxxxx
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