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what the hell is going on!!!


I am just 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have got over the excited part and now worrying about what can go wrong. I have no pains but Im aware of a very very dull pain ache in my tummy is this normal!!! X:\?


  • Dont know chick as very one is different ring your doctor or do you have a midwife yet and get some advice from then x
  • This is my first time on here, but just wanted to say, i'm 6 weeks pregnant and have the same pains. I asked the midwife if this is ok and she said it's normal. It's your insides getting ready and relaxing so they can stretch but if your worried ring your local midwife centre they will be very helpful. I'm also very worried about what can go wrong but i'm trying to relax and enjoy it.
  • Hi yorkie, i'm the exactly the same about about 6 wks i think, i keep getting those aches in my tummy as well but my friend, who is about 10 wks, is also getting them as well and a number of people on her have mentioned them as well so i think its normal, just your body preparing itself.

    i keep worry about things going wrong but i think its best just to try and chill out and enjoy it. am sure everything will be fine.

    have you seen midwife yet? x x
  • hi ladies
    just wanted to say - i had exactly the same pains - all i can describe as is ''period-like cramps'' and i was convinced that i was about to come on. i asked my doctor and she said it was completely normal, and to only come back if the pain is anything worse than a period pain. (as this could mean an eptopic in early stages)
    hope this helps
    gemma xx
    28 +2
  • Thanks Ladies, you have put my mind at ease! I have my first midwife appointment on the 29th January...seems like a long time away!!

  • Congratulations on ur pregnancy.
    As the other girls have said, these cramps are normal as normal can be! I remember when I was about 5 weeks and I started getting them, I had never had period pain before & I was convinced I was going to lose the baby. I didn't and am now 25 weeks. x x x
  • I am 18 weeks now and had these from 5 to about 9 weeks! its normal, asked the doc and she said it is your ligaments and womb stretching in preparation for baby.

    obv if they get particularly painful then call your mw or doc, always refer things if your in pain but otherwise try not to worry. Your getting ready for a BBIIIIIIGGGG body change, some aches and pains are to be expected!
    x x
  • hi
    i had a miscarrage last sept and the pains you get then are no comparison to period pains they were tight contracting pains that doubled me over and take the air out of you!! the pains your getting now are normal as your womb is stretching to make room for your baby. im now preg again (11 weeks today!) and have been getting the period like pains all the way through.
  • we alkl seem to have had aches and pains through early pregnancy and then it focuses on one side b4 disapating but then if its more severe i'd ask the doc or midwife image welcome to the club lol its full of great info and helps calm paranoias down and makes you feel human agfain rather than just a machine producing life hahaha
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