hello all

hi everyone,
i found out i was pregant for the first time 2 weeks ago and im still in a state of shock but very excited ! i had a bit of a scare yesterday started losing a little blood but doctor discovered i have a uti so im on bed rest for a couple of days just to be on the safe side. i have sickness 24 hours a day and the smell of chocolate would tip me over the edge! anyway just wanted to so hi and hope everyone is well xx:\)


  • congratulations
    hope you get lots of bed rest and feel better soon and your man is running around after you!
    I had blood to start with but it was at the time my period would have been due so the doc said not to worry.
    18weeks pregnant now and still going strong
  • Hello and congratulations im sorry to hear you are having a real bad time. I had bad sickness till i was about 20 weeks and im 36 weeks now. You do kind of forget about it or another problemcomes along which takes your mind of it!!! i think i might even have laughed over a few really dodgy work days! This is agreat website when you are feeling really rough becouse you hear about people who are going through same thing or worse. Even the ones thatfeel fantastic are stressed becouse then they feel paranoid that something is wrong if they are not feeling sick! Somebody did actually tell me that the sicker you are the healthier the baby becouse all the hormones are doing the right job , ithink they were just trying to make me feel better but its a nice thought. Make sure you get loads of rest and drink plenty of fluids x
  • hello and congrats, isnt it wounderfull knowing that you have a special little bundle inside you.
    Keep safe and in this weather I'd rather be in bed!
  • Congratulations!
    I'm from the Baby forum. I have a 6 month old little boy. Being a mum is just the most wonderful thing.
    Make the most of your pregnancy and enjoy all the attention that'll be lavished upon you!

    Good luck & take care of you and little bump x

  • bed rest may seem hard as you aint allowed to do nuttin but trust me MAKE THE MOST! if you OH is anything like mine he's not very understadning adn whinges aboiut doing the cooking all the time I've been diagnosed as SPD and sciatica so i struggle to stand for longer than a few mins with out excrutiating back pain image he keeps saying your pregnant not ill image on the other extreme his mom keeps telling every one i'm extremely poorly lmao i'm not ill just in a lot of pain!!!!!!!!!! arghhhhhhh I had nausea up til 11 weeks then had 2 -3 weeks of nothing but back ache which slowly developed into what i have now Good luck and congrats image keep smiling and remember the only thing that gets you through is the thought of your gorgeous baby at the end!
  • Welcome, I'm 20+6 and hoping to have come out the other side of the illness now. But its like westbrom says, as soon as one symptom goes, another takes its place!! Make sure you drink lots of water and hopefully this will pass soon for you. xx
  • thanks all, my OH is being fantastic waiting on me hand and foot so im taking full advantage !!!
    As for the sickness im learning to deal with it.It was expected as every woman in my family has suffered with it right through the pregnancies.
    look forward to chatting to you all over the next few months x
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