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Hello and some advice please!!



  • Hi Everyone!
    Just made the switch from the other forum having got a birthday BFP on Friday last week!
    My first child will be 5 next month so it's been a while and I think I will need reminding on a few things!
    I am only 4 weeks pregnant but my clothes feel tight already! Is this normal? I know it's not through eating or drinking too much because I haven't been feeling great for the last couple of weeks and haven't been eating as much as normal. I have never been blessed with a flat stomach :cry:!! but even by my standards it is a bit bigger!
    I have heard that women show quicker on their 2nd pregnancy - I know I can't have a bump already but I look like I have!
    Can anyone help???!!
  • Hiya, sorry haven't gon ne advice jst wanted to say hi and congratulations!! Hope ur pregnancy goes well

    Lizzy xxx
  • hi sarah congrats btw. i am 14+2 with my third my eldest will be 3 in march and youngest is 15 months with my secong and this one i did get a bump quicker and clothes got tighter very early at about 5 weeks a lot of it is bloatedness at these stages though and some days it was bigger than others,.

    You will probably find you may be bigger this time round i know i was with my second and this one i now have quite a big bump.

    Hope this helps xxxx
  • Hi Sarah, congratulations! I am 19 weeks with baby #1. I was very bloated at first and found my clothes were very tight practically straight away! You will prob show sooner this time too, so your belly will prob be bloated for a few weeks then you'll go straight into bumpville! Might as well dig those maternity clothes out now!! :0)
  • Thanks for that - better get used to it quickly then!
    Was hoping to hide it from work for at least a few weeks but that may not be possible!!
  • Hiya,
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    Just to let you know - this is my 3rd pregnancy and its totally different to my previous 2! Starting showing earlier, felt baby earlier and had more of the horrible symptoms than I ever had with my other 2. One of the best things though is that you get to feel baby move earlier than you did with your 1st.
    Love Lee xxxxx
  • Hi,

    Firstly congratulations.
    And secondly i'm 6 weeks pregnant with number 3 and yes you do get bigger quicker. With my second i started getting a bump by 9/10 weeks this time around i just look fat. My stomach looks very bloated. some days it's not too bad and other days it sticks out!

    Hope everything goes well for you.
  • Hiya I have a little girl who is nearly 5 and am 19 weeks with my 2nd. Sarah76, I too am worried that i am not gonna be able to remember how do look after babies and now my first is older, i am worried about how i'll cope, whether she will be jealous of the new baby, whether my husband (who is stepdad to my first) will love the second one more and treat my daughter differently, how i will feel about putting my career on backburner again after gaining some independence as my daughter got older, can't remember what baby stuff i kept and what i will need to buy etc...!!!

    And i also found that by about 6 weeks into this pg i couldn't do up my trousers and had bit of a bump and i had to buy maternity clothes by 11 weeks! have felt lo moving earlier tho which is nice and i feel much better in myself than i did last time xxxx
  • Thanks everyone - nice to know it seems pretty normal to be getting fat so early on!!
    ClaudiaT - I hadn't started worrying about anything else just yet but I am sure we will get back into the swing of things when it comes down to it!
  • Congratulations!
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