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6 Week check

I was just wondering has anyone had there 6 week check yet? Ive got mine booked for next Friday but have no idea what it will involve. I presume its just a chat about how we are getting on? I have heard some people get internals ect? What do they do to the babys, do they just check them over?


  • Mine isn't till 4th February. The only thing I know is that I'll get a blood test to check my iron levels. Not looking forward to it cause I don't like/trust my gp...if she annoys me at this appt I'll change doctors!

  • Our 6 wk check is now done at 8wk! I've never been checked in the nether regions before(!) but then haven't had stitches. They asked how everything's going with mum and development of baby and stripped lo off to do checks ie boys balls descended, heart beat, hips, eyes, weight, length etc. It's prob similar to the check they have when 6hr+ old in hospital.
    Gracie will have her jabs at same time, oh joy! Least they can have a bit o calpol at 8wk!
  • Cole never got measured in hospital. I meant to do it but kept forgetting and I wish I hadn't!

    Getting stitches checked isnt so bad - they checked mine in hospital and all I did was lie on my side and she looked from behind,

    Cole won't get his jabs at the check - the health visitor does jabs here
  • Hi Amy - how the hell are you my due date buddy?!
    Ive got a 6 week check at the hospital on Friday to but thats cos i had stitches. I think we have to take baby at 8 weeks for injections and they get a check up at the same time. It sounds like every area is different.
    Not been getting on the net very much - hope your stitches/wound healed by now after the probs you had and that you and baby Holly are doing well.
  • Hey Jane
    Im doing great thanks how about you??? My wound is all healed now and I feel great! Im loving motherhood and wouldnt change it for the world!! How are you enjoying being a mummy??
    Im very lucky and still have my oh at home so we are having a fantastic time the 3 of us image Did your hubby enjoy his paternity leave?
    Our 6 week check is done by our GP we need to have a double appointment one for us and one for baby, I thought this was the norm but obviously not!Holly has her jabs on valentines day bless.
    Look forward o hearing from you xxx
  • My 6 week check is with my GP too, but not for another three and a bit weeks yet. Its for me and Brendan but not sure what it will involve. Would much prefer it with my health visitor/ midwife to be honest as I haven't met my GP as a GP yet! She was a student on the last English course I did which puts me off for two reasons - firstly her English isn't that great!!!! lol! And secondly if they do give your stitches a check then it is somehow more embarrassing having someone look at 'your bits' that you have known in a different capacity than a GP! Not sure if that is just me but there you go! Hoping it won't involve a check of that nature anyway as I only had two stitches and told they would disolve at around 3 weeks.

    Don't think they give the jabs for lo out here until later either, I have it written down somewhere but had a feeling it was around 8 weeks or so.

    I'm just hoping we can sort him out a passport in time for our planned trip back to the UK at Easter!!

    L x
  • We've just had our appointments through for our 6 week checks, mine is with the nurse and Amy's is with a GP.

    The letter just said that my check would be a full check including contraception - so no idea!

    I've got the Health Visitor coming tomorrow so I'll ask her what it involves.
  • I've got mine on friday... was told it was a 20 min appointment for me and 10 min for Bryn... I think they check to see if your uterus has gone back down by pressing down on your stomach, they check stitches but I've never had them so not sure on that one, they check to make sure you're not depressed and then they chat about contraception - other than that I cant remember what they do - its only 2 1/2 years ago since the last one but that seems like a lifetime away!
  • Hah..well if my doc tries to talk about depression she can get stuffed.. she tried to tell me I was depressed when I was lactose intolerant!!!
  • 20 mins to talk about contraception!? 3 kids is all we need!!! lol
  • lol alioli - snap but just in case hubby at the docs right now to get booked up for the snip - until then we are being ultra careful (ie I keep sayng 'leave me alone so I can get to sleep'!! lol)
  • great tip for effective contraception.... an episiotomy and stitches! ha!oh is crawling the walls mwahahaha!
  • Just had our 6 week check - she asked me how my pregnancy had been, how the delivery was, whether I had had any stitches, what contraception I was using and was I feeling ok.... she took my bp and that was it for me - with Bryn she checked his chest, listened to his heart, looked at his back and head and checked his hips weren't clicking and that was all she did - I thought I would have some kind of examination but I didn't - but maybe thats because I didn't have any stitches. Anyway it wasn't as bad as I thought it might have been - I honestly can't remember what it was like with my other 2 - must be my age!
  • I had my check today and all she did was ask what contraception I was planning on using and that was it for me she didn't check my scar or anything! For Holly all I had to do was strip her and the doc had a quick look n feel and told me she was perfect. Tbh I find of expected more, Holly wasn't weighed or anything.
  • My hv said they don't weigh los anymore at the check as the docs won't pay for the hvs to do it?! Funding issues again.....So here the hv comes to weigh etc at home the week of the check. Gracie'll be weighed on the 4th, then 8wk check's on the 8th at the docs....just can't remember what time! Oops!
  • Had Bryn weighed yesterday at the clinic by the hv (part of his 6 week check) - she also measured his head and length...... He weighs 13lb 11 1/2oz - which is just over the 91st line - his length is just on the 91st line so at least hes in proportion - well most of him his - his head is average size on the 50th!!
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