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I am joining the impatient club!

Our little bundle at four weeks old, sleeping as usual!


  • Hi all just thought i would pop on as i am so excited that we decided to book a gender scan for the 6th feb at 8.15 pm. I cant wait!! It is my birthday present as we would have to wait til 17th march for our hospital scan and even though we want to know the sex its more so we can see baby again!

    I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oooh how exciting! Hehe...I wish I'd done the same, it was so annoying waiting for the 20 week scan and even then they are never very clear.

    I have my 4d scan this friday so really excited about that!
  • good luck with your 4d and let us know how it goes as hubby wants to book that too, i feel like he is spoiling me but he is the same as me and worries too much so the more we see the baby the better. You wouldnt believe that its our third and we are still like this!

  • Hehe 2 days after mine! Mines a birthday prezzy too! (Albeit an early one!) Good luck with it! xx
  • I'm going to try an resist finding out, only got to wait until March 3rd (yes, I said 'only'!!!!!)
  • l mikayla mine is a little late one as my birthday is friday!!!! Yayy dont know why i am celebrating another year though!

    Jellyfish we have gone from not wanting to know, to wanting to know to being very impatient and wanting to know!!! For me I think it is more confimation as I am so convinced it is another little girl!

  • We did want to know now don't want to know but I'm sure I'll go at 21 weeks and want to know! Quite fancy a 4D scan but if we don't want to know the sex can we still have a 4D scan???
  • Louise, yes you can have a 4d scan without knowing the actually have to pay extra to have the package that includes finding out the sex. We already know we're having a boy but we want to find out for sure at our 4d on friday....just to be 100%! But if you don't want to know, then they just won't show u the relevant bits!

    Madnbella...what are you hoping for? x
  • tigerlily, a lot of people around me would love a boy as the last boy we had in my family was my brother who is now 22. My mum had 5 girls and 1 boy! My husband actually admitted to me he is quite scared of the thought of a boy as he is so used to having girls now and they are proper daddies girls!! To be honest I feel like that too as I am so used to being around girls as all my sisters are quite a boit younger that i have always changed them looked after them etc then having my 2 I am used to it. So a change in a having a boy would be nice but i am sure its another girl.

    So after that ramble I am not too fussed but probably swinging more towards a boy.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • Thank you! You'll have to tell us what the 4D scan is like on Friday Tiger Lily!!!
  • Ooh I will's going to be a bit weird seeing him in such detail & being shown his bits lol! It'll feel like I'm spying on him!! heheh.

    You never know could be a boy! I was convinced I was having a girl as on my mum's side they only seem to have girls. I'm one of 2 girls myself although I do have a half I was surprised to find out it was a boy x
  • Good luck with your scan hun! I'm so jealous, don't think my oh would fork out for a 4d scan, sadly image
    Let us know how it goes and how much does it cost -out of interest? Sarah x x x
  • Hi Louise,
    I had a 4d scan & really didn't (and still don't know-so proud!) the baby's sex so if you decide you don't want to know then they won't tell you.

    Good luck to you other girlies & enjoy your scans- aren't they just fab!
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