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Newborn clothes?

I'm wondering what clothes everyone is buying for their baby as I have a problem!

I've got everything I need clothes wise apart from a few bits now. We have bought most of it in size 0-3 months and I was wondering...should I be buying newborn size instead? At first I didn't see the point as I'm measuring ahead slightly and don't think I'll have a small baby and as my oh pointed out if he is early then we can just go out & grab a few things... the 'newborn' size a complete rip off getting parents to buy so they can get more clothes once baby has outgrown them? Or do they really need them? Worried x


  • when i had my daughter she was 2 weeks early but a good waight she was 7 pound 1oz, i baught newborn to take into hospital, they were all to big lol so i had to send partner out and get clothes for babys up to 7 1/2 pounds, they fit her for a good month.
    so this time iv put early baby, and newborn in hospital bag. i think newborn are up to 11 pounds so wouldnt think baby wouldnt fit in them,
    its a nightmare not knowing how big baby is going to be isnt it, i thought my daughter would be really big as i always messured about 3 weeks bigger, but sometimes babys are streching out or curling up when they messure your tum.
    take care and hope iv helped abit lol.

  • my lo wore newborn for about a month or 2 he was 7lb8oz
    i had some 0-3m but found em too big for the early
  • Hello,

    I would say dont wory about the weight of baby so much but the length. joshua weighed a chunky 9lb 5oz and was like a tiny giraffe lol I took in a newborn outfit but cos he was so long his poor lil toes were right at the end in baby grows, he was ok in trs and top outfits. I would say generally buy 0-3 and bigger cos thats what your baby is going to do...get bigger! I bought a few newborn outfits and he was in them for about 3 weeks. he's now 8 months and im buying 9-12 and 12-18 lol. I miss buying tiny clothes, good luck xxx
  • my sis bought a couple of newborn outfits (babygros) I took them into hospital and when lo arrived they were too small. She was 7lb 9oz. The sleeves were too short and she couldn't stretch out her legs fully wearing them. I wouldn't worry about not having any. 0-3 size might be a little big, but so what the baby won't mind, they'll just be extra snuggly!!
  • Hi,ive bought both.Newborn sizes vary as it depends on where you buy them from.Prob best getting a few just in case. You can pick nice clothes up from asda or tesco and they do not cost very much. most newborn clothes go up to 11lb so you would have to have a big baby for them not to fit.
  • Wen i had my son he weighed 7lb 12oz and the new born clothes absolutely drowned him. I did the same as you though and bought mostly 0-3mths so it was a great xcuse for me to take my new baby out in public, CLOTHES SHOPPING, yay! Kerry xxx

  • It depends on the size of the baby and obviously you can't tell until he or she is actually born! My first lo was 6lbs 12ozs and newborn was massive for her!! She was'nt in 0-3 until she was over 12 weeks. However my second baby was 8lbs 7ozs and was only in newborn clothes for one week!! x
  • Hi it also depends on the shop that you buy the clothes. Some newborn clothes in shops are for 7lb babies and other shops who sell newborn are for 11lb or about that. I would make sure I check all the labels for sizes in each shop. I found this out as my lo was premature and was only 3lb 12oz when born. I had to get the little baby and new baby clothes in Next. Newnborn only fitted her when she was a few weeks old. I am obsessed now with checking labels for sizes lol. I would say you would be fine with 0-3 months clothes and if your baby is smaller you can get your oh to go out and get clothes. I would have the shops checked out so all you have to do is tell him where to go if needed. I was lucky enough that my parents went out the day I had Kara and gathered small clothes up as I had all bigger ones and I didn't expect to go into labour 5 1/2 weeks early.
  • My lo Ruby was born 7lbs 1oz and Newborn were a bit big, she is really petite and is still wearing 0-3 at 4months old! lol
  • hi my first was 7lb2oz and she wore newborn for at least 1or2 months i is quite hard knowing what to do. maybe buy just a few newborn things but id say mostly 0-3 then you know they will defintiely get the use out of them. primark have really cheap packs of sleepsuits etc and then its no big loss if the baby is born too big for them.;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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